Saturday, February 2, 2008

Coming along!

Yesterday I squeezed in a 60 minute ride, didn't have time for the 20 minute run. Quite a week at work and I had plans last night, so I got in some time on the trainer. I actually don't mind the trainer if it's for 60 minutes, I make myself to "fake" hills and go hard.....anything over 60 minutes is probably too much =0.

Today was awesome. I was supposed to a 40 mile bike race, but I can't use my triathlon bike for that kind of race because aerobars are illegal (in most bike races, people "draft,"/ride very close together) and they don't allow aerobars because you can't control yourself very well while you're in them. I do have a road bike but it isn't fit right for me (it used to have aero bars on it, I took them off) so now the seating is all off. Not to mention my road bike actually holds me back. I holding on to it though for the days in the future where we may need our bikes to ride around with kids! I know, nothing like planning WAY ahead. It's a great bike, it's just not great for racing.

So-Amanda had me do my own 40 mile "race," and so I went to fiesta island, where they do time trials for cycling here. It's an interesting "island," filled mostly with adults and their dogs, people running/cycling and then the inevitable really weird adults who meet up to drive their remote control toy cars over sand.

I cycled 40 miles in 2 hours 11 minutes, so that rounds out to about 18.2 mph, not bad for the beginning of the season. I'm happy with that--my legs definitely feel the work out, but i'm not limping around! I had a serious headwind in one direction where I would go from 21 mph to 16 mph, so it wasn't just "riding around in circles" with no challenge.

Thanks for reading!! And..remember, even if you don't watch football, please root for: THE GIANTS! GO GIANTS!!

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Kir said...

Well, you know my stand on the super bowl and it certainly isn't cheering for the G-men....GO PATS!!!!!

You are doing so great in your early stages of Arizona Ironman training. Glad to hear the new inhaler is working. I have the same issues and a great inhaler really does make a difference! Keep up the great work and continue to write!!!