Monday, February 4, 2008

Juggling everything...

I consider myself really dedicated to training. The way I see it, I pay my coach to lay out the plan for me and it's up to me to make sure I stay on track best as possible. However, as life would have it, sometimes, you miss workouts here and there.

Like, yesterday for example: dave and I were up in the "OC" and we volunteered to watch our niece, Bella, while my brother-in-law and his fiance ran a 5K. Sounds simple enough right? Well, anyone whose "sherpa'd" or waited around during a race, understands this is not always an easy task! The babysitting portion was fine, the cold and rain however, was another story! I actually don't think i've *ever* raced in the weather that went down at the Surf City Marathon this past weekend. It was about 45 degrees and windy (as in, I had to hold the umbrella in FRONT of my face, not over my head) to prevent my face from getting soaked.) at one point, I thought the umbrella would do a famous flip inside out. Anyway, they finished their race and I was wiped out from being a sherpa. We went to IHOP and went back to their house. I had made a prior commitment to drive back down to San Diego to spend time with my friend Mara. Her husband returned from Iraq in August and had to leave again on Sunday for another six months. So, I drove back down to hang out with her.

So, naturally, I didn't do my long run yesterday or my 30 minute swim. But, you know, hey, that's ok, that's what makes me a regular human being and "life happens." I wouldn't have it any other way.

As much as I train, my family and friends *have* to come first. Sure there are plenty of times I can juggle both, but when people need me, I need to be there for them. Nothing is more important to me. Seriously, I wouldn't feel like a solid friend if I blew someone off---that needed me--to go for a run! I heard a story the other day about a girl who has a friend who wasn't going to attend her best friends wedding, someone she had grown up with and known since she was 5......because her Ironman was the same day. Huh?

Now--I tell ya, Ironman---it's one hell of an EXPENSIVE race and it's LONG, the training is a pain in the ass--(brain: why am I doing another one?). Anyway--the point is, I couldn't imagine missing my friends wedding for a freaking triathlon! Honestly---that race will *always* be there and if it's a priority, you'll suck up the fee for the race and train harder next year. Unless you're getting paid and you have sponsorships---come on people---it's a SPORT not your livelihood (pro's have an exempt from this obviously--they have to race and sometimes i'm sure racing and training have to be a priority in scheduling).

One of the reasons i'm not racing much this year is because we have four weddings to attend. One in Maui, one in NYC and the other two in Washington, DC. I wouldn't miss them for the world and ya know what? If i'm a little slower in my races...i'm ok with that. Living life doesn't mean just doing triathlon and trust me, i've found people who think otherwise--which is why i'm writing about this. I find myself drifting in and out of the triathlon community and I think it's largely due to the obsessed nature that some people have with the sport. I happen to think it's a red flag when you find yourself only "able" to hang out with one group of people based on a common boring is that? If you're that one-sided, no thanks!

My life wouldn't be complete without my friends (most of whom are actually not triathletes!) and my family--who support my "habit," but I think it's always good to keep reality in check--being well rounded and having a lot of interests makes a person more interesting. I don't want to become one of those people who can't take a vacation without racing during it!

That said, I transfered my long run to today. 75 minute run (the last mile was in 7:28--I was pushing). I did about 9.15 miles.......very happy. Then, I lifted weights. That has to be a record for me. Most of you know, I loathe the gym, I hate the stairmaster, I hate the recumbant bike, I think the gym smells and no matter how many "wipey" rags you use it always feels so depressing. However, I understand buying home-gym equipment isn't really cost effective, so i'm willing to put aside my bias' to get in some weight lifting---with the meatheads at the Marine Corps gym (hey, it's free!).

Thanks for reading!

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Lauren said...

Oh man! I thought Jill and I were going to be able to squeeze in a 5 mile run, 10 mile bike and swimming across the lake in May when we're together! JK! We definitely fall into the category of "non triathlete friends"!
Love ya! Lauren