Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dedication or Insanity?

Yesterday I was feeling slightly lazy even after a super motivating email from my coach getting me excited for the season and reminding me of why I love triathlon. However, I got to the pool, did my 60 minute swim and it went well. However, upon return home..shockingly-I was hungry! Hmm, no surprise there. So, I ate...and then surfed the 'net a little, hung out with my dogs, swept the back patio. I even set up my bike on the trainer. Did I change into my cycling clothes though? No. I then decided I was going to rebell, I refused to cycle before dinner, I wanted to eat dinner and then I rationalized myself into the notion that Dave and I would go grab Pho (vietnamese noodle soup, we're obsessed with it!), and then do our errand at the lovely Home Depot and then I would be digested enough to cycle.

Did I follow through on my promise?

Ironically YES! There was just enough crazy stuff on t.v. "Biggest Loser:Couples," followed by a very old re-run of SVU where Mariska Hargitay was still experimenting with hair color.

So from 8:45 until 9:15 yesterday...I cycled..

What is this "trainer" you might wonder? I consider myself *so* lucky Dave was around to snap pictures....right. Anyhoo, here is what some time on the trainer looks like---and just so you know-when you ride--there is something pushing against your back wheel, so you end up pushing resistance, it's not like you're riding an excersise bike---it's actually really hard and you are sweating bullets in no time.

In the up-close picture you can see the sweat on my face and on my pretty!!

And if you look REALLY close you can see my new pink Suunto Heart Rate monitor. I've broken 3 heart rate monitors.....thankfully REI is awesome and exchanges them out for no charge =0!!

Pics are a little blurry..I asked Dave why and he said "you were moving!" funny!

Ride on!

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Lauren said...

You're slacking girl!!! I was checking on your blog... :) JK!