Friday, March 7, 2008

$120.00 for 6 hours of problem!

This is me riding at the IHRSA trade show in San Diego. Me and a few other female triathletes volunteered to ride for however long we want to demonstrate heart rate monitor clothing. The bra i'm wearing has a small transmitter connected to it--rather than wearing the uncomfortable strap most heart rate monitors wear! I am stoked to ride for 2 hours at a time for the next few days to earn $120.00! It is super fun, I love people watching and getting paid to ride my bike! One girl is riding for 5 hours continuously--that's kind of nuts to me--but if I was still in my master's program and had the time and needed the dough, I'd probably do that too! The company I volunteered for has men's clothing too--but i'm not sure I could get Dave to wear a sports bra with a long piece of fabric for the "men's" style, it's like a sports bra with a long attachment, kinda weird, but the women's products rock!

Other training notes:
Sunday: 3 hour ride (52 miles)
Monday: 90 minute long run (11 miles)
Tuesday: 80 minute run with intervals (this killed me) =0
Wednesday: 60 minute hill run with master's swim
Thursday: 2 hour ride
Friday: 30 minute easy run w/short intervals, 2 hour ride

Oddly my legs are sore but not out of control!

Tomorrow i'm running a 5K and doing the Expo again for 2 hours.

My coach is working specifically with me on my heart rate monitor training. I tend to go "hard" in every work out which tends to burn me out. So, in order to prevent burn out and for my coach to know what my "hard/easy" levels are, we're doing heart rate monitor testing to figure out the levels so she can tell me what levels to keep the rate at during workouts so I can appropriately slow down/speed up etc.

I'm really excited about figuring out my levels to help prevent me from burn out...I need to keep things interesting.

I have some other pictures to upload, but i'm at work, so stay tuned I know i've been slacking...but people seem to like pictures and they're so hard to get because i'm usually training i'll try to be better about that!


Lauren said...

That sounds like fun! Training for money!!!

Paul said...


It was great to see you at the 5K! Congrats on your AG first place.