Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pictures (Time Trial race report to come).

I couldn't resist putting this picture in...it's of our cocker spaniel--Brownie..he loves to sit and look outside, even with the door open, he'll just sit and watch the yard! Kind of reminds me to slow down sometimes and enjoy the little things in life!

Ok, this may not be too exciting, --but, my dad has random questions from time to time about triathlon for example "Mer, why don't you just take your time in the transition area, relax, take some water...." Me" Dad, they TIME me in transition!". Anyway, these wheel pictures are for my dad. The top wheel is my regular riding wheels that I ride on everyday......below are my race wheels. You can tell the difference because the race wheels have what's called a "deep dish", the inside portion of the wheel is thicker--these wheels are super light, and more aerodynamic--useful for racing. I was super super super fortunate to purchase these wheels from an awesome mechanic named Andy that my coach, Amanda knows. And yes, I *can* actually feel the difference while riding on these than my regular wheels, it's a much smoother ride and they cut the wind pretty well.

Not exactly triathlon related---but "life" related....this picture was taken two weeks ago--my friend Mara (on the left) turned 7 =0. Well, sort of, she's a triplet and they were all born on leap year, so they got to celebrate their "real" birthday this year. The party was up near Los Angeles and was an 80's themed party. Check out my hair!

Race report to come!

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Lauren said...

Wow - the whole 80's Mer vision popped in my head :) Too funny!