Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time Trial

Wellllll, this isn't exactly the "size" of the picture I was hoping for...but with copyrights on pictures, I should probably be thankful that I was able to pull it off of a website to put in my blog =0. Don't worry, i'm not printing it out for my own use, just on my blog. The photographer is Mitch Clinton...so he gets the credit =0.

I did a time trial Sunday morning----yes, with the time change and everything. I had cleaned my bike and changed out my wheels the night before, so I was all ready. Except one minor detail: even though I had re-set my clocks, I forgot to switch my alarm to "on." Kind of important right? Especially when I hadn't gone to bed until 1:00 and had to get up at 5:45.

It was absolutely essential that I made it to the race by 6:30 because at 6:45 they start selling the numbers of the people who didn't show up---and my slot time for racing was 7:20.

What time did I finally wake up? 6:45...and all I could think about was the line from the letter saying "you must be present by 6:45." I drove quickly to the race spot, no food, nothing....and with no time to spare, they pinned my number on my shirt and I rode to the front of the line and narrowly made my start time of 7:20. The time trial is set up so that people ride individually--they are pushed from the start every 30 seconds, so it's not like I could have started later, I either made my time or I didn't.

Immediately I realized I was pushing hard, but slightly nauseous from rushing around so much, no water and no time for my inhaler. I still wasn't awake ---and my legs were like rocks from my 5k and my ride the day before. Most people who arrived on time warmed up on their bike trainers next to their cars.

After about 15 minutes of riding--I had warmed up to some degree and I just pushed......it's a 12.3 mile race approximately and you basically do 3 laps of 4 miles as fast as you can and then you're done.

I finished in 34:30...no idea really if that's good or bad, or whatever....last time I did the time trial on my own I did it in 36 minutes with some bad wind, so I was just thankful I had the opportunity to race and they let me race after showing up that late!!! I've never overslept for a race or forgot to set my alarm...eeek!

This weekend, Dave and I are both signed up for a St. Patty's Day 10K, so i'm excited about that, it has been a long time since we've been able to do the same race (last one was Boulder Peak in 2006). So, I am so excited he isn't on call, not post-call.....and we'll have fun!!

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