Monday, March 31, 2008

Random thoughts...and pictures..

Dave and I at Easter brunch w/his family in Scottsdale...we look a little tired..probably from TOO much sleep..I think Dave slept 11 hours the night before?? It was also a weekend where I decided that a combination of: shrimp cocktail, chocolate covered pretzels, nuts left over from Christmas (thanks for filling me in on that note Bonnie!), steak, potato's, asparagus, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, ice cream and sugar cookies (I don't even LIKE sugar cookies) would make a great mix...the night BEFORE Easter brunch......I only wish I had found the Costco-sized Tums on Saturday night instead of Sunday morning when my stomach pain had subsided and left me with just "fullness"
With Dave's family after brunch!-we flew over from San Diego literally for the night.....but you know it was completely, 100% worth it, and a much-needed break from our usual hub-ub in San was so great to see his family!

Other random, my training this past weekend was kind of mixed up and I was forced to make some calls regarding some interesting aches and pains in my legs. I was so excited to do my hill/trail run on Friday, since i'm discovering, as long as my trail runs are somewhat short (60 minutes)....I can suck it up and I actually thrive on the difficulty (unfortunately if you combine this in a triathlon, I freak out)...but by itself, I can handle =0. So, I hit the trails around the Naval hospital on Friday..and during the run the outside of my calf was just nagging me....followed by my thighs. Let me tell you, it takes a LOT to make my thighs hurt! And, I think I was also tiring myself out from constantly looking for snakes (similar to my exhausting swimming method while looking for sharks). I kept thinking, "ok, if I see a snake and i'm flying down the side of a trail, do I leap into the ravine, leap OVER the snake, or try to stop from approaching it." I didn't have an answer to what I thought was a VERY important question. Thankfully, I didn't need that answer on Friday, no snakes! However, I got back to the gym and I decided, that it was officially time to get started back on the "weights" knee pain was slowly starting to resurface and under orders from Amanda and my sister (who thankfully doesn't read this blog, 'cause if she did, she'd be annoyed that she gave me PT exercises and i've been slacking). I did weights.....and went home.

Woke up Saturday morning to do 90 minute run (I usually ride Saturday's, but my riding buddy was up playing "marshal" at the Oceanside 70.3 race)......and I honestly, seriously, was reminded of Ironman. My legs were absolutely pudge. I had trouble stepping out of bed and my left leg was really painful. Dave thinks I may have strained something (I'm much better now!), but my thighs, I was actually laughing, and I thought "wow, so, my thighs finally get a workout as opposed to my hamstrings and my calves." The funniest part too, was the wall squats and lunges....they WORKED! Those areas were sore as well.......anyway, I made a judgement call in terms of whether I wanted to push through it or not. I chose to skip Saturday all together. But, ya know, I made up for it tenfold yesterday in my 3 hour hill ride.....and then my kick-ass 90 minute run today......left leg still sore, but it stretched out a bit over time.

Sometimes we make choices that may not go along with our schedules or things that we may be able to muster through....but, I have faith that 98% of the time, I work my butt off with each workout and I am really diligent about my schedule...almost to a fault sometimes, and as a friend of mine pointed out after a not-so-great race at Oceanside, she said "I reminded myself, I do this for fun." And, so, I reminded myself, that I do this for fun and honestly, only I know what I feel like and what my limits are. I actually don't think I have a lot of limitations as far as what I push myself to do, but I do recognize the signs of possible over-training or a muscle strain and I try to listen to that!

Other random thoughts. Training brings out my weird food cravings. Here they are:

I really eat the "Dole pineapple" out of a can w/Trader Joe's Cottage Cheese, but for pic purposes here is an example!

I split a small bag w/my friend Elaine on our ride yesterday! (I normally hate these, they're a "Dave" favorite, but something about biking and that vinegary' saltiness! YUM! Actually, ANY salted chips will do! Cheetos are also quite delicious!

Lastly, this will be shocking to some, especially my mom who tried forever to wean us off of Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, Fruity Pebbles and Frosted Flakes ..oh and Cap'n Crunch. It's a healthy cereal......I just ate it today after my run to hold me over until dinner =0....shocking, I know.....
I also like to eat a banana with peanut butter, or bread w/almond butter....anything with peanut butter and raisins and bananas! YUM!

Thanks for reading....more soon!

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Paul said...

That made me laugh!!! I do the same thing looking for sharks and snakes...