Saturday, April 5, 2008

Up early!!

Dave left for Vegas last night for his brother's bachelor party, so I came home after dropping him off at the airport and I tried to get in some good studying for my exam (the Saturday after Boston)....but, I was distracted by the kitchen counter tops, the downstairs bathroom, unfolded laundry, our bathroom get the idea. I studied but I got some cleaning done!

Unfortunately, the downside to training is I really have very little time left for organization and cleaning and anyone who stops by midweek is in for a real, really, like last week we gave Parma a bath (our dog) and she hates baths, and we were trying to put her in the tub and she stuck out her long little legs and I swear she "activated" her claws, got them stuck on Dave's shirt and they were so "clawed" that we had a hard time prying his shirt off her claws! Then, we put her in the tub, all was going well until she shook......with soap on...several times. So, our entire bathroom had Parma fur all over it (she sheds like you wouldn't believe)....and I didn't clean it..until last night.

You can also find random crumbs from making lunches and dried juice left over from cutting oranges on the counter tops, and as much as I vacuum--the remanents of a blooming tree in our backyard always seem to make their way into our house on the dogs paws.....daily. Vacuuming is the one thing I DO do everyday since we have a navy blue carpet that shows everything! Oh, don't be jealous of my 1970's rental Navy blue's scary how well it absorbs everything. Although it slightly scares me because the people before us had two kids so i'm sure there are many cups of juice spills stashed somewhere in the foamy part of the carpet.....yech!

What a boring post...all about my lack of time to clean "wahhhh wahhhhh!" I'm sure this will elicit sympathy from my readers. Anyway, so between trying to pass this exam which people tell me will make me more "credible" in my field and maintaining my training, i've been a bit at loss for words for my blog!

After my battle with soreness after last Fridays hill run, the rest of my week went pretty well......

I had to ride my trainer for 90 minutes and do "one leg" intervals.....and then another day was an absolute killer. It was a 90 minute run which composed of: 8x30 second hill repeats (running up a hill for 30 seconds at 75% of my fast pace).....and then I had to run 2x1 mile (mile repeats). Naturally that day I forgot a water bottle. And, I thought I would try to do hill repeats up a 20% grade hill. Why did I do that? I don't know, stupidity, the awe of a "really steep hill" or maybe it was my insecurities kicking in since I always suck at hills. I decided I would take on the biggest baddest hill I knew of, to help hills "start to like me." My friend Elaine and I sing while we ride "I hate hills, hills hate me." =0......I know, you're jealous of my secret positive talk right?

Amanda and I emailed after that and she was saying that a 20% grade is entirely too steep and I need to limit myself to about 8-9%.....information that I should have figured and my butt was telling me if I kept that incline up, I wasn't going to be able to do the rest of my workouts this week.....annnnnd, well....we DID have to make adjustments to my schedule because i'm running the Carlsbad 5000 tomorrow morning (a 5K for those of you who haven't had your coffee yet this a.m.)....and I refuse to run on sore legs.

So, yesterday, I swam for 60 minutes and got in a good, solid run for 30 minutes. This morning i'm cycling for 90 minutes. And I'm looking outside and I just KNOW from the gray clouds and still calm......that out on the Silver Strand it is going to be gale force winds. That's the way it always is. I live 10 minutes from Coronado, it can be sunny and pretty here...get out to Coronado and it's like a 'Nor Easter. Wahhh wahh! Lots of whining in this post!

Today is also a very important day---and those of you who know me, also know the side of me that tunes in to my "inner girl." You see, most people think you're either a girly girl who isn't into sports, so maybe you save money on sports stuff (training costs and equipment etc), or if you're a sports person, you save money on clothes and shoes. luck would have it, much to my father's and Dave's dismay. I like BOTH! And today, after my 90 minute ride i'm getting in touch with my inner girl and going to have my hair cut and highlighted for the first time in 16 weeks. This is a record people! Most women I know go about 8-10 weeks, so this is stretching it....but, I wanted to wait until I had reason to shell out the extraordinary fees to chop my fur. (yes, I said fur, at this point, it's so matted from chlorine, I am slightly reminiscent of a matted mule), today, after my ride I will I will sit, drink tea, have foil in my hair and read all the latest important information in the world of Brittany Spears.

More later!!


JMoTriBella said...

Good luck at Carlsbad tomorrow! It's funny reading your post....I have LOTS of studying to do this weekend, but all I really want to do is clean house. That is the one thing that takes a back seat to both training and school. I don't mind cleaning...I just don't have time for it. Good job getting the hair done. I'm at about 14 weeks right now, and my roots look terrible. Just need to find the time :(

christie said...

i remember going to get hilights every 8 weeks - now,i get my hair hilighted 2 times(!!) a year - thanks to my cheap husband who doesn't understand it's value (psychologically and physically). i'm glad you got to pamper yourself - you deserve it!

Kir said...

hahahahaha this post cracked me up! yes, the hair has been suffering on this end as well....price of getting older.....having no time.....and a lack of funds i suppose!!!