Monday, April 14, 2008

Finding motivation.....

So, as it turns out what I thought wasn't a "big deal" yesterday for sunburn, is nagging me today. Picture my entire back and then there is a one inch wide burn strip going horizontally across my back where my biking shorts meet my shirt (or lack of meeting I should say)'s irritating because just above that, I have another line of the same kind that I sustained while doing Wildflower last year and I had 2nd degree burns from that and I STILL have the tan line.....not good. And, I missed a section of my back yesterday as well. I even went back inside to put more sunscreen on. Oh well, what can I do?

Well, for starters: try it again today. Yup, I have a 90 minute swim and a 90 minute ride.....i'm trying to find motivation today, just tired and the hot weather is here for a little bit according to, so I had better just get used to it! At least no running today....that is for tomorrow. Tomorrow is hill repeats..i'm begging for the weather to cool off or I may be up.......early and run! NOOOOO!!!

I think i'm just a bit more stressed about training because I have my exam on the 26th of April, so only two weeks left to study, so i'm trying to get in work from 8-2 and having a three hour training day after's really hard to find the "alertness" to study at I may have to cut back a bit in training time the next two weeks. Still doing all the training, but maybe have to cut back so I can get in my studying. I do NOT want to take this exam again. My boss is paying for it the first time, but if I don't pass, I have to pay for it myself!

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Lauren said...

All I can think of when reading the sunburn comment was spring break and your "trach" burn! I remember you saying, "I'm Italian...I don't sunburn." as you stood at dinner because it hurt too badly to sit. I think you may have been purple :) Be careful!!!