Sunday, April 13, 2008

YAY for wind in running...BOO for wind in cycling..

Since it was a nice....NINETY degrees yesterday and today, I was forced to break out the salt tablets for my ride and runs. I know what the rest of you are thinking-"there she goes again complaining about San Diego warmth." Well....ok, i'm slightly complaining, but only because 90 degrees here is unusual...even in the summer, it'll hit 90 occasionally, but it is not the norm...even during summer....let alone April!

I called my mom as I was slathering on sunscreen and she reported that it had just finished snowing in Denver. Go figure. I'm not asking for snow....but a nice graduation between 65-90 would be nice. Friday was toasty at I knew we were in for a warm weekend, but 90-95...that takes some getting used to, at least for me it does!

I did my long run yesterday and my ride today. Reason being: Dave had to work today, so I wanted to do the shorter of the workouts yesterday so we could spend some time together. It's really difficult for us to find some time to just hang out---since he is on call frequently for residency and i'm either training or i'm at work myself! So, Dave had to do a long run, and I did too, so we headed down to the Strand because we knew if we went "inland" any further it would be over 100. We made the right was really...really hot, but you know, on the Strand there was a BREEZE! YAY for breezes, YAY for wind! wasn't too awful. I managed to get in almost 11 miles and poor Dave, his Garmin crapped out on him and he got in just under 10 which killed him because he's very "precise" in his workouts (kinda like me) and he was like "I didn't get 10 exactly..I got in just under 10." I thought he may consider running the rest by our house, thankfully he didn't =0.

When I finished my run, I had figured Dave left because he was running for a shorter time and when I got back he was waiting at my car! I was sooo excited to see him. I was so hot and tired that it was so cute to see him hanging out! I had to go get in a swim as well, so he ended up going back home, but after I got back from my swim, we were able to hang out!

My run yesterday was interesting...a 90 minute run right. So I started out, did a 30 minute warmup and then hit my "intervals" --I had to do 5x 6minute hard efforts. With the exception of the first one, I did it, I hit all of the rest of them...90 degrees and all. I was proud of myself, I consider myself wimpy in heat.....maybe i'm getting better....or maybe it was the wind? =0

Today...was a 3 hour This was hard. I actually wore my Ironman top made my Splish! I wanted to wear as little as possible....I hate wet/sweaty cycling clothes so I figured the less I wore, the better........anyway, I put on the spray sunscreen and actually...I put it on, left the house and went BACK in to spray on more, paranoid about sunburn. Naturally, I missed a little spot, but nothing too bad!

The ride...a headwind out and the mother of all, nasty, awful, hard..headwinds on the way back. Girl can't get a break this weekend can she?? was like ALL angles of everything I tried to do were impossible! I managed to get in 51 miles for 3 hours. Needless to say, I went through 2 bottles of gatorade, 1 bottle of water, some Clif bloks (like giant gummy bears for exercising).....and 4 salt tablets (to put more salt back in my system so I don't get that hyponaetremia deal)........I was REALLY proud of myself. I nailed my nutrition today and while my body was coated in salt and my legs were wiped from the wind workout =0.....I did it!

Unfortunately, even though my nutrition was spot-on, I had absolutely no energy left for my 30 minute transition run, not to mention, it was still a wee bit hot... (sorry Amanda!) was a day where I should have pushed through and done the run, but I almost cried with happiness when I got back to the car, I was so hot and tired..the thought of running, I just couldn', I wimped out. There will be more times to get tougher though!

They say that my first race of the season---Vineman 70.3 is hot and hilly. Today was flat and hilly but i've been working on hills, so ya know what? Bring on Vineman....i'll see what I can do!

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Lauren said...

I don't think you're wimpy! I'd be dead on the first run. Good work!