Sunday, April 6, 2008

First ever pre-race post...

Yeah, so don't get used to this kind of post, i'm only posting before my race because I have a SWEET start time of 11:30 a.m.! It's now 9:00 and i've already finished my oatmeal with banana and almond butter..YUM. I decided to post quickly this morning (my version of quickly) to see where my thoughts were at and how my mindset is this morning.

1. My legs are NOT sore. I was so nervous yesterday my legs would be sore. Not sure why because the soreness from earlier this week went away yesterday, but maybe it was the pseudo-race two guys had me doing on my 90 minute ride yesterday. Why can't guys just let you pass them if you're a girl? (story for another time). YAY no sore legs..they feel fresh and "ready."
2. I had bathroom success this morning, yippee! For some of you, you may not need to know this, other people want to know all the details, this is one of them.....I psychologically and physically MUST go to the bathroom before a race. Plus, the last 5K I didn't and just before I started I had to go...really really bad, and there was no toilet paper, so i'd like to not repeat that feeling again today.
3. It's the Carlsbad 5000, i'm not good with the street layouts up there, so I have my maps ready to roll....but i'm nervous about: not finding parking, missing my race etc. So, i'm leaving in a few minutes.
4. The race itself: I want to be completely, 100% warmed up and then I want the race to start immediately. The last two races, i've warmed up and I was so nervous about missing the start, I lined up early and the "warmup" wore off I think???
5. RACING: very's a running race, so it's ok, I love watching myself improve, I don't expect to have a top group finish or anything rediculous like that! My goal: to get my legs moving well and really just PUSH through the leg turnover, trying to focus on my posture, moving my arms and whatever else I can think of to make myself go fast! Times like these I wish Amanda lived here =(...I could use some running "form" help! My last goal for the day: to beat my 5K time from March which was 2
1:46.The Carlsbad 5000 is notoriously a fast race, so i'm hoping i'm either on par with the "21's" as I would say, or below would be very exciting! We'll see!

Let's rock n roll.....

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