Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale and other musings.

Am I the only one who thinks Nordstrom's Half Yearly sale is thoroughly unimpressive? I parked at Nordstrom today in search of a bridal shower gift for a friend in Virginia and that was an adventure in and of itself. She lives in Switzerland so I am trying to send lingerie in lieu of a gift since it's "packable" and she isn't registered in the US, so guests are bringing light items she can transport easily back to Switzerland. This is what I found in my adventure to the mall today.

1. Of the 20 racks in the department that I normally peruse at Nordstrom, 2 of them had jeans for sale and they were cream jeans or just simply awful jeans no one would buy anyway.
2. Of the sale items that were "marked down," ...I hardly call a pair of earrings on "sale," if they're $80.00.
3. In the shoe department I had no problem restraining myself from gold and red platform shoes which would go with just about everything right??
4. Victoria's Secret is pathetic. I was stuck between either buying something like a matronly house coat for my friend or something that is probably found on one of the women at Cheetah's here in San Diego (one of the many strip clubs in the Clairemont Mesa area).

People always tell me to wait for the Half Yearly Sale at Nordstrom since i'm always whining about how much things cost there. Well, I happened to walk in on the first day of the sale and i'm really unimpressed. I was expecting shoes that were like $100.00 to be marked down below $50.00..not the case. I just don't get the hype. I went into the jewelry section and picked up a bracelet and it was $90.00....on SALE! I think i'll stick with stores that have real sales thanks!

So, what did I find? NOTHING....the only thing I came home with is a bag of See's chocolate for Dave...he loves See's chocolate, as in, he'll find ANY excuse to keep some around the house and I usually cave. They give you free chocolate for just going into the store!

On a training note: I had a SUPER solid swim yesterday, complete with butterfly, intervals and drumroll please: I did a 3x100 descending and my times were: 1:35, 1:27 and 1:25.........thrilled to have nailed 1:25 for the last one hundred, now if I can just keep that a regular swim time rather than my "sprint" time, i'll be pleased.

Today is a hard trainer ride for 90 minutes followed by a run for 30...I had better get my caboose moving, my soy chai latte I had about an hour ago is finally dwindling.....over and out!

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