Friday, May 16, 2008

A bit worn out and triathlon costs revisited...

I was trying to think of the last time I actually took the day "off," from training. I think it was the day we flew to Hawaii...I didn't train. But, I trained most everyday we were in Maui, even the day we flew back to California, Dave and I went for over an hour run that morning...but, i'm tired and i'd like the day off from packing a bag or thinking through logistics of training and making sure my dogs don't hold it so long they pee on my carpet. I get that day tomorrow, NO training WAHOO! So i'm taking full advantage. Seriously, some people like to do yoga or weight training or running "lightly" on a day off. Not me. I take it easy, walk the dogs, shop, and relax. I don't put on anything that is labeled "Zoot, Nike, Asics or Champion." =0

The cost of triathlon....people ask me, 'how much do you really spend.' It depends, the start up cost for triathlon was really expensive but, I justified it because I was saying "well, now I have all the stuff, I just need to race." Right. The problem is: as you improve and you use that gear, stuff wears out. Plus, I had no idea what I was getting into with bike maintenance and the cost of having a good fit on your bike. You wonder "wow, how does someone ride in that position for 112 miles." It's the fit.....people pay GOOD money to get fit properly on a bike and ya know, it's worth it. I'm kinda lucky because i've had some people fit me for free along the way and it's worked out well, however, Apparently, my bike is a little too big for me, so with that comes: purchase of new handlebars and probably aerobars trying to make the bike fit better....but comfort is priceless right?

How do I know the fit is "off,?" Well, I reach too far forward to shift and I feel too stretched out on my bike and occasionally my lower back aches from rides, not often but often enough that I think I can improve on the fit.

The cost of triathlon never on......
I also debate buying a new wetsuit. I hate my wetsuit, I think it's too small, although Amanda assured me it was totally fine, it feels slow and I know they make better ones out there that will allow for fuller range of motion in my shoulders......however, to pay $350.00 plus for something I wear only during races and the occasional ocean swim, it doesn't really seem worth it.

So, the long answer to a simple question is: the cost of triathlon depends on how serious you are etc. I'll lay it out like this for you, just with Ironman:

The cost of Ironman entry fee: $475.00
Cost of transporting my bike $225.00
Bike maintenance before Ironman/switching out wheels: $40.00
Food/lodging/airfare: $1400.00
Stupid Ironman clothing I purchased, I know, rediculous: $300
I won't even say crossing the finish line at Ironman is priceless, because it WAS expensive, but, yeah, in a way, totally worth it =0.

Other race fee's are not nearly as high, but still high enough. For example this year i'm racing Vineman which costs I think $200.00 (and include lodging and driving up there) and then the Boulder Long Course is about $150.00 (add the cost of flying to Boulder and flying my bike). If you do local races and they're shorter, it doesn't have to be as expensive, but the more you get "into," it the more variety and places you want to go with racing. I just wish it didn't cost as much to fly my bike!

My schedule this week looked like this:
Monday: Swim-90 minutes
Tuesday: Track work out (3x 400/1200)-I managed to get in a sub 7:00 mile/just over 7:00 min mile for track
Bike: 90 minutes (this ended up being 75minutes) and
Masters swim: couldn't fit this in today
Wednesday: Trainer Ride: Turbo 90 minutes including:
-warm up 8x1 minute fast spin at 100 rpm,
-then: 10' alternating left and right foot by 1':
-Main Set: 5x5' at 60-65 rpm (L2-L3-for heart rate) with 5' in between each set at 90 rpm
Run: 30 minutes (15 minutes at L3 and 15 minutes at L2)
Thursday: Run: 60' hilly (keeping heart rate at L1-L2..HARD to do that on hills!)
Weight Lifting: Huge mistake to weight lift before, I was starving....bad move.
Swim: 75 minutes (it ended up being 30 minutes) because I was STARVING and ill-prepared with no food.
Friday: Bike: Easy 90'
Run: 45

I've been AWFUL on getting my swims in and solid....bad Mer. Need to improve on that for next week...for legs are worn and i'm very glad to be able to take it somewhat easy today. I really need it!

But, I wanted to post my actual schedule for the week to give you some idea of how I train. Now for those of you reading if you're a super fancy, fast athlete or possibly a pro, this is probably small potatoes for you =0, but it's what I can fit in with 30 hour work schedule and maintaining sanity.

My happiest moment this week: Running with the boys at track. Typically I run in the 2nd group which has a mix of girls/guys. This week, my friend Elaine said "so what, we'll start with the first group and drop back if we have to." So, we did....and I was able to hang with the guys (and 2 other girls). AND on the last set that we did I wasn't LAST...two boys finished behind me! I was just glad I was able to pace myself well.

If it weren't for Amanda....I would still be running a 10:00 minute mile. It really is possible to get faster. Major kudos to my coach and i'm wishing her speedy feet this weekend in her race in Maryland. She pushes me with being compassionate, and I'm super thankful for all the time and efforts she puts into answering all my long-winded emails and questions =0.....and for her support. Thank you Amanda!!

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Shan said...

Sounds like a solid week, Mer!!! Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy that rest! :)