Thursday, May 29, 2008


Track workouts with a group and while you're feeling healthy are hard enough.....but, track workouts solo and while you are coming down with a cold, just plain stink.

I swam 60 minutes today, nothing crazy, drove home, let the dogs out, fed them and then headed to the track to do my workout. Ordinarily, i'd do track on Tuesday but I was out of town this weekend (during which I ate well, didn't train, but just lost sleep and my voice) =0.

My workout at the track: 5x1200 (which is 5x 3 laps). I think I did ok, nothing stellar but here are my numbers:
1. 7:11 pace
2. 7:14 pace
3. 7:23 pace
4. 7:25 pace
5. 7:35 pace

I did these with a two mile warm up before and a minute in between each 1200.

Yeah, you could say I was kicking myself for forgetting my inhaler...well, I didn't exactly forget it, it was in the car, but it was a substantial distance to the car from the track and I was on a tight schedule since I had dinner plans and so, I made the rather stupid decision to not detour from my workout to go get it. Stupid, stupid.

I don't know why I can't remember my inhaler or to take my Singulair in the morning. I think it's because I didn't have asthma or exercised induced asthma growing up, or if I did my dad would have laughed and said that was "the most rediculous thing I ever heard," so, as an adult, it's difficult for me to justify or accept that maybe the inhaler/Singulair really *does* help. It does, the days I remember to do all my steps, my lungs don't feel like they're taking two breaths for another persons one breath.

I knew this today because my legs felt great, but I couldn't go faster because I couldn't get enough air in to keep up with the legs.

One of these days i'll get it right, Singulair, inhaler, warm up, stretch, track, cool down, recovery food. Sounds like a nice plan, maybe i'll try it.

What else is new? Well, I lost my normal Mer voice talking so much with friends this weekend and I think I have a cold coming on, but I can't quite tell. My job is going fairly well, though kind of sad: i'm supposed to be receiving somewhat of a move "up," in the world of counseling..but the woman i'm supposed to be training under is going through some severe issues (anxiety attacks at work), so it's been an interesting few days at the office to say the least, but hopefully she is on the mend soon.

I realized the other day i'm 9 weeks out from Vineman and 6 months out from Ironman...yikes...6 months AGO I was DOING Ironman...time really flies!

These are all random thoughts in the head of Mer...=0 Thanks for reading!

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