Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random Pics

Today i'm doing a 2 hour run, it's supposed to be on Monday, but i'm going out of town and won't be able to fit it in, and I had to drop my bike off to get tuned up, wheels/tires/handlebar tape changed, all kinds of fun things, so i'm off to do my long run here in a minute, but I had some requests for photos.......I have some odd photos of me doing races, they're not that "pretty," but anyway, here are some of them =0

Triathlon Club of San Diego Aquathon Los Angeles Triathlon, 2006
You guessed it..IMFL swim-any takers?
Proof that I sprinted my Ironman finish
The back of me-my cool Splish tops I wear when I race
Camp Pendleton Sprint, 2007
I only had one race wheel on b/c the back flatted right before the race, luckily I had my other wheels with me.

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Lauren said...

Love the, the IMFL looks like sharks in water!!! That is nuts.