Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well, welll, well...I finally did it...

6:30 a.m. masters swim!! I did it, I set my alarm for 5:30 a.m., had my bags packed and I did it kids----made it to an early morning masters swim and it was totally worth it.

Of course, I needed reinforcements, so my friend Juls met me at the YMCA pool and we sleepily drove up at the same time, got out of our car and she says "what ARE we doing?"......mind you, she doesn't even have to BE at work until 11:00 a.m., talk about amazing support for me! I however, needed to be at work at 8;30, so the 6:30 masters was my only option.

It was about 55, windy and rainy---and the Y has two pools and of COURSE the outdoor pool was where the masters swim is held. The coach was funny, witty and had his act together and wrote the workout on the board, and we got swimmin'.

Solid workout, complete with an exercise that involved us treading water with medicine balls over our head for 10 seconds, and then another one where we did pushups on the side of the pool wall. Anyway, the main set of the workout was pretty solid.

Next time, I think i'll move a lane over to the faster people. My theory in masters is: if you're leading your lane you can probably bump yourself up to the next lane and i'd rather be in the middle of the pack in a lane or somewhere towards the back hanging on, rather than leading (not because I don't like to lead, but I think I get a harder workout chasing people =0). I wasn't leading our lane, I usually swam second after the leader with a bunch of guys behind us.

How did I fare the rest of the day: wiped out! People always say exercising in the morning gives them energy for the day--i've always been the opposite, but i'm sticking with this masters swim because the coach is awesome, people are great and the workouts seem challenging enough. I typically swim between 3-4,000 meters when i'm swimming alone, and this was significantly shorter, so i'm thinking at some point, i'll probably have to get to the Y a bit early to "add on," as Ironman training kicks in!


Jennifer Yake said...

Mer...I love the new look. I'll miss you at Tina's Sunday.

Stacy Schlocker said...

Glad to see you there last Friday and today. You get to lead next time... and I'll try to hang on!