Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yikes! I'm behind

Some pics from Maui and summary below =0

Dave and I at the wedding..

My niece Bella and Dave's mom before the wedding

Paul and Dave showing off their awesome "weight" of marriage

Brie and Paul

Wedding party kamikaze shots at an Irish pub post-wedding

Maui sunset before dinner on the water

Dave: "do we really need more pictures of me?"

Dave was thrilled to put on his snorkle early for this picture! Guess whose idea this was!?

This one is for Amanda Just kidding, I really DID run!

Pineapples!!! YUM. And yes, I ate the whole container and then another one the next day.

Arrived back home Tuesday sad to see Maui go. It was awesome, like a second honeymoon for Dave and I, totally relaxing with a bit of running around for the wedding, great time with family. It was just what we needed. Boston was awesome in and of itself but I wouldn't call it a totally relaxing vacation, Maui was a true "vacation," and we were able to soak up everything.

Did I train? Well, sort of. I ran my ass off, and ran HILLS nonetheless, so hopefully that makes up for my lack of biking and swimming (unless snorkling in Molokini counts?) I think not? I thought for a moment I *could* count snorkling as a "swim" because I: didn't wear a wetsuit even though the crew on the boat assured me that I was "simply freeze in the 74 degree water," and I saw a reef shark, so that HAS to count right? Have you ever tried freestyle with a snorkle? Not exactly easy so I don't think Amanda would let that count as swimming.

However, I ran a total of 27 miles in 5 days with substantial rolling hills (it wasn't flat, but it wasn't Pikes Peak either =0). I realized if it had just been Dave and I would have been able to carve out time for biking and swimming. I even had picked out a bike shop in Maui to rent from and located a pool, but honestly, it was just really hard to manage that in with the family---so, I just had to make sure that I put my nose to the grind on my return. Thankfully my swimming doesn't totally stink and I was able to work on my weak point: running =0.
That said, I am back in training full swing, no excuses.

Tomorrow I have a time trial which oddly I feel prepared for. Amanda had me doing a bike turbo workout and I knocked out my 2 hour run yesterday with some major issues, but not leg related.
What issues would those be? Well, you would think entering my 5th year of triathlon I would figure out what was appropriate to eat and what wasn't. "Oh, it's just a 2 hour run, not a race." So..bring on the vegetable pasta the night before and TWO cups of broccoli and carrots two hours BEFORE I ran. Mix with 14 miles of running = a complete emptying of my colon. Yeah, so my 14 mile run should have been closer to 15 but due to five porto potty stops, I was limited in my efforts. And of course, I would stop at one potty....nothing would happen. Start running again and "oh f**," I couldn't even time my stops right. Lesson learned: whatever you do, do NOT consume large amounts of vegetables before ANY long distance ANYTHING...bad idea. Especially broccoli, I was so mad at myself. And it threw off my entire pooping schedule (sorry mom) =0.

Back to Maui, it was awesome....the runs we did were on a deserted road down by Wailea so we ran through lava fields, very cool! I would have loved to have ridden as well, but we ran out of time!

Maui by the numbers:

Pineapples eaten by Mer: 2 full pineapples
Mai Tai's: Unfortunately one horrible one on the snorkling boat
Alcoholic beverages consumed at the wedding: 5 (red wine, champagne and a shot for good measure)

Rope swings swung on: 1

Sharks seen: 1 (reef shark!)
Whales seen!: 2 (mom and baby!)
Miles run: 27

Times Dave and I put the jeep top up and down: too many to count

Shrimp taco's/fish meals eaten by both of us: probably 10

Running outfits re-worn: 2 (each worn twice and another outfit once) YUCK

Number of SPF worn: 50 (have you seen my tan lines? yikes).

Length of time for "hike,": 10 minutes (we put on hiking shoes and realized our "hike" was 100 steps)

Massages had: 1 (highly recommend Grand Wailea hotel)

Bags of Maui Potato Chips eaten by Dave: 1.5

Tourist traps we stopped at: 1: fruit plantation for gifts for work

Monkeys seen: 2

More tomorrow after the time trial!! Thanks for checkin' in!


Shan said...

Mer, I hate to say it but your broccoli-portopotty story definitely hit my funny bone!!!! I've had that happen before during a long run all because I thought it would be smart to:

1. Start my 24mi run at 4pm - it'll be cooler at night, right?
2. "Re-energize" with a Starbucks double latte shot on the way home

Well, that ended in disaster when I almost crapped myself to death just before descending into La Jolla from Del Mar - definitely took a pit stop on the side of the road in some bushes (at least it was dark!!). Wow - I hurt so much I ended up walking home from Torrey Pines because my bowels were in such disarray. So the 24 mi run ended up being 18mi running, 6mi walking/heaving/cramping...

Moral of the story: no vegetables or starbucks double shot before (or during!) long runs!!

(At least you had porto-potties...)

Just thought you might find that amusing (at my expense!!) You are not alone :)

How'd the time trial go? Hope you were FAST!!!!!

Dave said...

Not that this should be any surprise at this point, but the Grand Wailea is where we stayed on our honeymoon. :)