Monday, May 12, 2008

Blog help

I hate the blogger options for "templates" I played around with them during valuable work time today =0....and when I go to an internet website to upload one, I am stupid. I have no idea how to get one of those cool, awesome looking designs to be my "page."

HELP. I'm so tired of these bad choices for my template..if anyone can help me get a cooler page, please help!


BreeWee said...

Totally wish I could help, I am a total goof when it comes to computers- my friend Jay did mine.

Randy said...

Hi Mer. Changing templates is pretty easy. Just click on the LAYOUT tab (you can find the LAYOUT tab if you go to where you POST on your blog. Then click on the PICK NEW TEMPLATE tab. From there, you should see a number of templates you can choose from.

To choose one, for example the first one , just click on any of the names inside the template such as "Minima" or "Minima Dark" or Minima Blue, etc. Then click on "PREVIEW TEMPLATE." When you find one you like, click on "SAVE TEMPLATE" at the top of the page. That should be it. Good luck. And keep on training.