Friday, June 6, 2008


With 12 minutes left in my two hour run today, I heard that song from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, you know, the one where he's on the island of misfit toys and it goes "Just put one foot in front of the otherrrr," that one.

It popped into my head as I was about to ascent up a hill that I usually do hill repeats on and I typically can maintain a 9:00 minute pace (it's fairly steep, not too steep, but steep enough =0). I was mid-way up and I just stopped.

I can't remember.....EVER stopping in a training run. EVER.

I need to be really careful of what I wish for these days. I wanted hot weather to help with Vineman. Well, I got it. And, it wasn't even THAT hot. 80 degrees with a slight breeze, as in, it still feels cool in the shade.

I started the 2 hour hilly run and an hour into it, I knew I had done way too many hills if I wanted to keep up that pace and my legs started to feel a bit tired. Tired? I've been running two hour runs for a WHILE now and the fact that my legs were tired after an hour is a bit worrisome.

Anyway, I was in dire need of a water refill at hour one, so I stopped to use the bathroom and refill the water bottle at the local pool. The lifeguard appeared SO offended that I would choose HER pool to come in and take up a TON of space to use the rest room and use THEIR 20 ounces of water from the fountain.

How dare I?? Such a travesty. But, you know when you're starting to sway a little from lack of water and you know your face is red with white blotches, you are desperate--in fact, i've reached points in training where I was *so* close to knocking on strangers doors, and even the entertained the thought of snatching bottles of "Aquafina" out of childrens hands. Trust me.

I continue on and I leave behind the hilly area of south park and I decide to run up one of my favorite hills headed towards the zoo. What was I thinking? Was swaying and feeling faint not enough? I ran up the hill.....and i'm not kidding, I think I was doing a 13 minute mile. YIKES.

Get to the top and I realize that i've really pushed myself too hard, so I decided to take it easy since I knew I had one last hill to climb before reaching my car.

After 20 minutes of slightly flat, but still rolling, I reach the hill that I started this posting with.

My legs were just dead, like nothing left, and I was starting to get a cramp, I was acid refluxing water and the shot bloks (lovely image, I know); and I was annoyed that I couldn't hack it.

I stopped. I stopped, put my hands on my knees and bended over to catch my breath--took in water, waited a minute and...wait, cue "One foot in front of the otherrrr," and....I continued on up the hill.

Reached my car and.....I had eight minutes left on my run. I hate that. I hate timing my run all wrong, the last thing I want to do when I get TO my car is PASS my car to "add on." Must be done, if there is something I detest more than passing my car, it's not finishing my prescribed work out.

I stumbled around for another 8 minutes, probably at an 11 minute mile and reached my car...and I see smoke.....coming from the bushes. There is a fire.....someone was already on it, and honestly, I was SO glad because I had the energy of a snail at that point to save any lives or run for my own life.

I'm hoping to recover quickly for my masters swim, 4 hour ride and short run tomorrow. Can it be done? I hope so or i'm going to be even angrier!!

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Lauren said...

Mer - that is awesome that you kept persevering. Most people would have given up - especially when they saw the car! I can't believe you kept going...I would have buckled up and hit the road! I guess that's why I don't do triathalons (or is it because I have no athletic ability? Hmm... :)
Love ya!