Sunday, June 8, 2008

Much better....

I don't know how, but my legs seemed to be ok today so the wiped out feeling yesterday must have been from the heat! That is easily solvable, I was starting to worry I was losing fitness or just plain wimpy!!

Today went like this:

Woke up at 6:45 a.m.-did 90 minute masters swim, kind of sandbagged it a little (swimming in a slower lane), but I ended up leading the lane at the end, so it was a decent workout--I just wasn't sure how my legs would be feeling from yesterday and I knew I had a long day ahead.....

Came home, showered, hung out with the dogs, ate a decent "brunch" =0, packed up my cycling shoes and everything cycling/running related. Including my inhaler =0, and my bottles of nutrition for the ride.

12:40-started my four hour ride which included a 40 minute time trial and also 6x3 minutes of climbing. So, that meant I needed a place I could ride uninterrupted for a time trial and near a hill. Kind of hard in San Diego to find those combinations. So, begrudgingly, I went to....Fiesta Island. Yuck.

It's a four mile loop......I know.....I try to avoid it whenever I can...Fiesta Island is great for an hour, maybe 90 minutes, but four hours, I was asking a lot of myself. But, I was riding alone, and the US Open is going on so I didn't want to bother with the traffic up the coast, and i'm slightly familiar with rides in East County, but not well enough to venture for today.

I did it, rode for the first hour, 2 miles of headwind, 2 miles of tailwind (this stayed consistent throughout the ride). I spent the second hour doing the time trial and then I was starting to think where I could go for my hill ride. It dawned on me that I was close to Mt. Soledad in Pacific Beach, so I just needed to figure out how to get there. It honestly all fell together.....I found the bike path that led over to Mt. Soledad and it worked like a charm!

I was really excited because for a few minutes I was worried i'd have to drive somewhere else!

Got in the hill repeats and headed back to Fiesta for the last hour or so.

Wrapped up and started on my twenty minute run. I was actually feeling great?? Weird. Anyway, I ran the first mile in 8:14 and the second in 8:22 (had to slow down in order to stay in a lower heart rate zone).

I was so excited I wasn't feeling wiped out from yesterday and very glad to have put more "money" in my training bank! I have a blister on my big toe, but other than that, I came away from today unscathed. Plus, it was about 68 degrees out and windy--so I was able to wear a cycling jersey (translation: no sunburn!) YAY!

I'm tired...but ready for tomorrow.

Easy 90 minute ride ( will be slightly easy, I'll have to do Torrey Pines on the way back...d'ohhh!) and then a 100 minute run with a 3 mile time trial.

THEN! Dave will be and he is SUCH a sucker for Bronx pizza......i'm already smelling the cheese....add some merlot, sounds like my kinda night!


Lauren said...

I definitely got the most excited for the pizza and wine! Glad you are feeling better!!!

BreeWee said...

WHOA what a solid training day! Starting a ride at 12:40 is never too much fun, HELLO HEAT! GREAT job on that one!