Thursday, July 10, 2008

Feeling pumped!!

Ok, so the last few days i've been feeling really great about where i'm at with my training and I have already started to think about my race and how I want things to go. I try not to think about what "times" I want to do certain legs of the race in, because it's taken me a while to realize that every race is different so I can't expect to always be "faster," in one race than another since they all vary in terrain etc.

One thing i'm certain of that i've said before: I want to freakin' nail this run. Most of my races I push through the run and i'm pushing, but i'm not thinking "woo, flying legs here, woah, Mer slow down," it's usually "ok, we go, ok, legs feel fine, just move." I always start the run with zero motivation, because i'm anticipating I will be slow.

So-NO slow thinking this time, I have a new mantra I learned from Bree Wee (see blog roll, still can't figure out hyperlinks here).......if I stop over-thinking the run and I finish the bike and think "ok, run time, let's rock and roll and see how these legs can fly." Maybe I will fly!! So, all joking aside, i'm going to be thinking "fresh legs."

I think back to before I hired a coach and I had no idea what Nuun tablets or heart rate zones were, and I think back to why, most of the time, I improved in each of my races and I think it's because I really showed up thinking that I had nothing to lose and it was just really for the pleasure of racing. When I started triathlon 4 years ago--I had just moved to San Diego, and coming from a competitive tennis background it was nice to find a new sport that was so fresh to me. I think a part of me has lost that "fresh," feeling, now, with each race, I find myself putting more and more pressure on myself and I have absolutely NO reason behind it.

So, two new thoughts for Vineman: ENJOY the run..have fun with it--be positive with it, be thankful that I CAN run....I work with enough clients who can't physically stand for longer than 15 minutes, so I need to stop whining and just enjoy the fact that i'm able to run! AND.....enjoy meeting new people and having the experience to share a really fun race and tasty wine with!

That is my inspirational moment for this morning =0. I should technically be working on a report right now, but I wanted to get these thoughts out so I can read them later out loud in front of my vanity mirror. Ya know, the kind where you stand in front of the mirror and you say "you will enjoy the race, drink will love the run....drink wine." (hopefully you don't really think I have a vanity mirror).

Stats for this week:
Monday: 45 minute swim
Tuesday: 60 minute swim followed by 500 pull.....Track Attack: 2 mile time trial....(14:14)- 7:07 pace
Wednesday: 90 minute Turbo Trainer ride (4x5' at 55-60 rpm, but high heart rate, so essentially like climbing hills) and a 40 minute transition run (first 20 minutes of run, HARD, last 20 easy) LOVED this workout
Thursday: 40 minute swim (supposed to be easy, but i swam the first 30 minutes with masters) and then 500 pull, and a 90 minute easy ride.

Since I missed out on some swimming last week due to vacation, Amanda has me doing some pulls with my paddles after swim, just to keep my upper body strength.

Confession: Amanda will pass out upon hearing this: I bought paddles LAST YEAR in Boulder when I was training. First time I used them: TUESDAY! And, I had to suck it up and ask one of the swim coach's, a former olympian, to put the cords in the paddles since I didn't know how. He's French, so I was worried he was thinking "stupid American, can even figure out paddles for swimming." But, actually he was really nice about it, so I felt less stupid and bottom line: Paddles were written on the schedule, so I had to do it, no way out.

Alrighty, that is quite enough rambling. Tonight i'm headed to a meeting for a "Vineman 1/2" course preview by someone with a completely unpronounceable last name.....and hopefully to meet some peeps I can either drive up with or sucker into drinking merlot with me before the race =0.


Shan said...

Awesome post Mer! You certainly inspire me!!!

"I think a part of me has lost that "fresh," feeling, now, with each race, I find myself putting more and more pressure on myself and I have absolutely NO reason behind it."

Yep, I feel ya. I think that's why I can't bring myself to race again just yet. IM took so much out of me mentally, that I just need a break. If this sport is just going to be another source of stress, then it just isn't worth it (I have enough stress as it is!!!).

I really wish I was going to be up there to cheer you on! I have so many friends doing this race that I wish I could take it off and be race sherpa for you all!!!

Dinner next week with Juls? I'll email ya!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

GOOD luck at Vineman, Mer! you will do great! I love it that you bought paddles last year and are just using them now!!! AHHH! HAHA. :) Jen H.

JMoTriBella said...

Hey Mer-

I'm heading on vacation tomorrow so will be mostly incommunicado for the next week. Just wanted to say good luck at Vineman. You're going to rock it!

Have fun too!

beth said...

hi mer! great post! so sad we couldn't hang out more last boyfriend just about died at "Triathlon story hour" and i let him off the hook at 9:15...

we will FOR SURE drink some wine at the race..we WILL have fun racing (i too keep telling myself that)...

i also want to hear about amanda's coaching- she sounds very thoughtful (most coaches don't factor things like that in- week off swimming=need to maintain strength.) okay. long comment. sorry.