Monday, July 7, 2008

Back in the Day..

I found myself extra curious today in my search for "old" photos of two friends that I have who are getting married a week apart. I need to find old photos for various reasons and while looking for pic's I stumbled upon a bazillion things I hadn't thought about in ages....the first time I went to Colorado, LETTERS my sisters mailed me from college, LETTERS from my dad in college that had words of wisdom (mostly related to spending money and growing up =0), and my old sports stuff.

I apparently kept a rather ugly photo album with all of my soccer, swimming and tennis pictures. After looking back, i'm thinking time was nicer to me as I got older. And I can't *believe* fell for all those hairstyles, perm, ferret bangs (as my mom used to call them), long fingernails and anything else that may have been girly. I think i've actually become less girly over the years, perhaps more low maintenance? Hmm, ....maybe not.

Anyway, I thought it was fun to look back at my 5 summers of swimming. I didn't swim year-round since I also played soccer and tennis and my parents weren't thrilled with the idea of driving me to the pool at 4:30 a.m.....thankfully I never pursued that dream of early morning year-round swim! So, I just swam for our neighborhood during the summer from the time I was 10 until 14.......

I tried out for our high school team and I didn't make it. I remember being sad, taking the bus back from the pool after tryouts. My parents talked some sense into me, like "it's NOVEMBER Meredith, you swim from May until July and you're competing with people who swim everyday." Talk about a little reality check! I got over my not making the team and from then on I focused on soccer and tennis.

Here are my dorky stats, I can't believe I kept most of my ribbons!

50 meter Freestyle: 34:05
50 meter Breastroke: 45:36
50 meter Fly: 40:89

It's funny, I never swam "yards," until moving to California....most of the pools I grew up swimming were meters. Anyhoo, I love swimming, I always have, so i'm giving the "swim," it's due diligence since I only always talk about biking and running =0.


Lauren said...

Personally, I loved the "low maintenance" comment...all I think of is your Redken hair products in college :) Just teasing!

Love you!

beth said...

hi Mer! i'm so ecited to meet you at vineman (AND to have discovered your blog!) w few weeks after the race we should definitely get together for a bike
ride w/ shan or something..

btw - 55.5 miles in 3 hrs...that is FAST when you are on your own and dodging people & traffic - watch out for MER on the bike!!!
let's keep in touch before vineman!

oh, and that Florida pic on the right- you are FIT!!!!