Saturday, July 5, 2008

Playing catch up...

Due to having a small cold and being post-travel this week, Amanda had me take it super in, only one sport a day and I took tuesday and wednesday completely off. What goes through my mind:

1. I'm glad i'm not training because i'm wiped out and my throat hurts.
2. I hope i'm not losing fitness in all that i've put in the "bank,"
3. Maybe I should just swim a little.
4. No--the pool germs probably really *are* bad for a cold.
5. Ok, running. Because i'm sure i'll start slugging along again in my old "letter C" formation that I used to run in, if I don't keep up with running.
6. I wonder if someone else doing Vineman is running right now.
7. Are they running somewhere flat or hilly? Hmm, they're getting faster...I can feel it and I don't even know them!

Thankfully by Thursday, I was feeling better because obviously THESE thoughts above are detrimental to my sanity and you can laugh all you want, but I seriously was thinking these thoughts over the last few days. It's kind of obsessive huh?

The digits:
Thursday: 5.5 miles (easy at 8:53 pace)
Friday: 8.0 miles (8:45 pace)
Saturday: 10.5 miles (8:35) pace.....

And yes Coach, they were ALL under my prescribed heart rate limits =0. I was told to keep everything level 1 or 2 until Monday.

What I was thinking about while running today.
1. Hmm, my heart rate seems to be ok in the 8:00's today, let's see if I can pick up speed.
2. No, Amanda specifically said no hard efforts.
3. I should have used the bathroom .....again....before starting.
4. Where did Dave, he's moving along, am I going that slow?
5. My legs are feeling great!
6. I hope I have done enough hills in my training for Vineman
7. I'll bet other Vineman people are running hills today while i'm taking it easy.
8.'ve been sick. Easy now, hard later.
9. Almost done, and thankfully the twinge in my knee has gone away
10. DONE! And here is Dave.......another bunch of miles to put in the bank.
11. Time for brownies....

Tomorrow: RIDING! For probably about 3 hours....let's hope my legs remember how to ride, it's been over a week. UGH. And swimming---for about 45 minutes...that should be painless hopefully.

As you can see my mind is all over the place whether i'm actually conversing with someone or within my own brain.....I don't know why I subject myself to the "what are other Vineman" people doing. What is THAT about? Competitiveness? I don't know, I mean, seriously, i'm going to be in Napa Valley, most people who go there are stumbling around, dropping hundreds on good vino...and i'm worried about people who are spending more time on "hills," than me?

I need to relax =0.


BreeWee said...

This is so funny! I think a lot of athletes can relate to that back & forth battle of "should I swim, I an getting out of shape, just a run, germs, ect". Too funny!

Hope you are back at it soon!

Paul said...

good to see you are feeling better! I'm in the same boat but I'm taking it real easy, as in nothing :). Summertime colds suck big time. Enjoy your ride!

Lauren said...

You are too funny! I can see you having these conversations in your head :) You will do great - wasn't it in your previous post that you said you do best at races after taking it easy?? Enjoy your ride today!

Jennifer Yake said...

I'm not doing much either.... I keep telling myself that I'm letting all the previous training I did absorb into my system. Maybe if I keep saying it I might actually beleive it. Nice run paces by the way. You have such strong commitment heart rate and pace. That's gotta pay off.