Sunday, July 6, 2008


And in that order =0.

This morning was one of those mornings when I know i'm procrastinating and I didn't even know why. My plans to ride with my friend Juls fell through--she was riding 5 hours and coming off of being sick, I was keeping my ride to about 3 hours and we just didn't figure it out, so we each rode solo. Back to this morning: I was supposed to get up at 7:00 and be riding by 8:00. All I remember is a gentle nudge and Dave was standing over me.

Now, I can count on maybe one hand the amount of times he has woken up before me on a weekend, it's almost unprecedented. Now, to be fair, he gets up during the week at like 4:45 most days to get to the hospital, while I slumber along on my non-swim days until about 7:30 =0. So, this morning I woke up and I was dragging! But! I pulled myself out of bed and I stumbled downstairs to eat my oatmeal. Read some blogs, read,,,, you get the idea. What wasn't I doing? Getting my bike ready to ride.

Finally at 9:30, I decided I needed to get moving! So, finally, I got out on the bike and I was so excited because for some amazingly awesome, REALLY awesome chance, it was COOL outside! Woop! Woop! Instead of the 85-90 degree was 65! Alllllmost cool enough for arm warmers, but not.

So, off I went! The usual suspects were out, you know, the mom on rollerblades with a dog AND child in the stroller, tourists walking on the wrong side of the bike path, and my personal favorite: man on mountain bike irritated that I passed him and he spins wildly to keep up. I must say, I was impressed, he stayed with me for a while...but, my feeling was---WHY is it whenever I pass a guy, they seem to either A: draft off of me, or B: all of a sudden surge ahead and ride next to me. I'm not opposed to a little competition, but I never notice women doing this?? Interesting =0. Must consult my friend Jen Yake (see blog roll, I don't know how to do hyperlinks here) she has all kinds of wisdom on why men refuse to let women pass them. It doesn't upset me, it just interests me, when a guy passes me i'm always like "wow, cool, look at that person go!"

Anyway, I got in 55.5 miles in 3 hours (i'm kind of anal about my distance--you know, the kind that will ride in the parking lot to even out 49.88 miles), not bad for dodging tourists, dogs on rollerblades (just kidding), but it was kind of an atypical ride. I much would have rather ridden something a little hillier, but i'm thankful for taking it easy this weekend. After all my groaning and worrying that I was losing fitness, I calmed myself down and I realize taking it easy was definitely the right call (thanks Amanda!).

I got home and Dave was finished studying--so proud of him, I wouldn't trade places with him for anything in the world. He has his anesthesia board exam next Saturday and I don't know how he consistently studies....for hours. After working 12 hour days, he'll come home and keep on reading. Maybe it's the Gummy Coke Bottle or the Gummy Bears that keeps him going?? Or maybe it's the pressure that none of us really want a "stupid anesthesiologist," that didn't quite read all the instructions correctly? Hmm, i'll be that's it.

Anyway, he was done and we went to one of our favorite stores: Costco. It's like Target, you go in for Diet Coke and you come out with Diet Coke, a backpack, a hands-free cell phone system (new hands free law, in CA), peppers and two kinds of hummous to last us until at least December. Then, we decided we needed a push broom for our back off to Lowe's we go. As I type, Dave was push brooming and now I hear the vacuum running =0. There IS hope for men =0.

Thank you guys for posting your comments, I think i've calmed down and I need to just worry about "me," and not what other people are doing in terms of training. Hello--so 6th grade with the "so and so is doing this," mentality. **sound of me brushing off the worry** =0.

I think it's time for some Bronx Pizza.....YUMMMMMMM!

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I'm glad you are feeling better!!! Hope you are doing well.