Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coming around...

Things started to look up yesterday. Backing up for a second. I took Monday off and then yesterday I swam 3200 meters and had an awesome track workout. I went to track feeling tired and just really doubtful about my legs. But a really cool thing happened, my friend Elaine was there and another guy, Dave who is probably in his mid-forties. The three of us made a "pact" to help each other out.

We had to run 3 4x400's. So that's essentially 12 laps (or 3 miles) and so we would do 4 laps and then you were supposed to get increasingly faster with each set. It took me a while to get settled, and I tried to hold back in the first set so I would have some speed left and I sort of did it!

I got to track and did a 2.5 mile warm up and then we did some "strideouts" for a half mile to stretch out the legs and then we got started on the 3 mile intervals.

Our laptop is down, so I can't really pull up all my information off my Garmin, but basically I ended up running the
1st set in an average of 1:38 (about a 6:34/mile pace).
2nd set in 1:35 and the
3rd set in 1:33. Each lap varied a bit, but some laps I hit the same speed, so that was really cool.

The best part was, all of this pacing was in zone 4 heart rate, nothing went over 175. 180 is kind of my absolute breaking point and not a zone I should be aiming for. So, 175 is awesome. In the past, my heart rate has hit 180 regularly in track and yesterday I tried to stay relaxed.

Elaine, and the guy Dave and I were able to high five, give knocks and help each other stay motivated throughout the track workout. There were other adults in the bleachers watching their kids play football and at one point I thought to myself, i'm sure they are looking at us, this group of adults who voluntarily go to track workouts and they're either jealous because they don't have time to themselves, but more than likely they think we're very strange.

But, it's really cool. There are 4-5 groups that run so there are people who don't do the full workout. And people of all shapes and sizes and you know, honestly, there is something to be said for someone who is heavier being able to run track consistently. I don't know how to compliment an individual person who is clearly struggling, but I totally want to say "keep going, you're rockin' it!"

Obviously, I don' t say "wow, good job coming out here." Because I don't want to sound lame or condescending...but, come on, if it hurts me, it has to be really hurting them, so I give credit to people who maybe they hate running.....even more than me, but they're out there learning how to run/do track/get fit/run from their kids, whatever it is......they're out..working their butts off, so that is super cool!

So, it was good workout. Today I got all screwed up and thought I was supposed to swim again. Not the case, it turns out I started to do tomorrow's workout today. Before I realized this, I swam 3,000 meters, came home to relieve my poor dogs who barely get petted these days and now i'm about to finish up with an easy 45 minute run.

Tonight i'm having dinner with a few girls who are doing Ironman Arizona. We're doing "make your own pizzas".....i'm excited, a lot of us are kind of in a lull with training, so it'll be nice to vent, get it out of our system and stay motivated.

This was kind of a boring post, but I just realized how funny it is that I truly love track workouts. I hate running, but I love track and I think it's because it's a mini-race each week, like each week i'm trying to catch the guy in the "too short of shorts," and the 80's style clothing (he's really fast)....and I never catch him, but it's fun to try =0.


Lauren said...

Wait - did you say your "warm up" was 2.5 miles and then you run? I guess that is nothing to you - I don't think I could even get through the warm up. Glad things seem to be looking up for you! AND, super happy that you are coming to VA in TWO WEEKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, great job, Mer! I LOVE the track too!!! I was doing 400s yesterday too!! Not as many since I am racing, but enough to get moving!! ;) enjoy your pizza w/ your friends! Jen H.

Paul said...

Great work tonight at the Aquathon!! And a double header with track. I was waay too cooked to run Tuesday. I totally dig track though.