Monday, August 18, 2008

OH the legs....

My legs are a bit spent. I stayed true to my word and after watching Dave's half marathon yesterday and a fun breakfast with our friends and ALLLLL the errands were done, I finally.....decided it was time to hammer out my two hour run.

Drove down to the strand and i'm not kidding you, I was so tired I wanted to curl up on the couch and watch re-runs of women's volleyball...just kidding. But, I was...really tired. My run was 30 minutes warming up/easy, 60 minutes moderate and 30 minutes hard. Weeeeeellll.....most of it went actually really well, I was shocked.

I did discover however within the first 30 minutes that it doesn't matter WHAT time you eat one slice of pizza at Costco for lunch, it does not digest in 3 hours. That was it. One piece of pizza and I tasted it the ....entire.....two hours. Actually by the end it was pizza and margarita shot bloks since I couldn't possibly have a nutrition repeat from Boulder. Yeah, so, um, don't eat pizza even if it's hours before you run.

I wasn't able to run super speedy for the fast parts and truthfully, by the end, it was 7:00, everything ached (probably left over from the rolling ride/run the day before)....everything hurt, my thighs, butt and I developed a new blister on the inside of my foot. WTF? These shoes are like 3 months old, socks are new/but worn.......and I have two black toenails that were just aching by the end.

I finished up my run and drove home....Dave had a tasty dinner already and I laid on the floor not even bothering to take my sneakers off and I dropped a couple of tears. Sometimes it's just hard. Whine whine. I know, but not every training day is "wooo! so fun!". I had to really work yesterday to find the energy and motivation and in the end it was just hours logged in, so that was good. I cheered up a bit, enough to stay up AGAIN until 11:30 to watch the olympics!!

Today was a day off, I totally skipped the easy swim I was technically supposed to do yesterday. It was a smart call for my brain as I really really needed a mental day off!

Thank you guys for your excitement and making me smile in your posts, it's not often that I get "training doldrums" but, hey, i'm not here to always write positive, amazingly witty stories. Sometimes training really stinks =0. But, I am really thankful that I do know the reward is totally worth it, something that I wasn't so sure of last year until I finished Florida.

Off to the mall to see if I can find something cute =0. Retail therapy rocks!


Flatman said...

Good luck at the mall!

Anonymous said...

HA! That is how I know I am SUPER TIRED too - I crave retail therapy!!! Last week I was trashed very badly from my race too and I just couldn't pull it together - and I just wanted to SHOP...never really could between work/kids, but I got some rest from training. HOPE you found something great! :) Jen H.

Jennifer Yake said... toes and blisters. I hope I hope didn't bring you down Saturday. Thanks for being the kind of friend and training partner I could admit it to. I get a bit irritable and cynical when tired. Hang in there. Joy,energy,and speed will return.I know it will