Sunday, August 17, 2008

Digging Deep....

It's that time of Ironman training again where I really have to dig deep to keep motivated. August of last year is when I started my blog. What happens is, I train for a few months and since Ironman is still far off, it's really difficult to find the motivation to keep packing bags every morning, extra snacks, lunches (Dave has referred to me as a hobbit on occasion needing a "second breakfast.").

I admit that I chose to do Ironman and I admit that yeah, I do love the structure of training. But, do I always love it? No.

Yesterday on my bike ride, I was riding with my friend Jen. She completed Ironman Cour D'Alene just this past June.....(sorry mispelled i'm sure)...and she rocked the course. Jen is also getting married in September ANNND she's signed up for Ironman Arizona with me. What a year for her! We were going back and forth about talking about motivation and I think what it comes down to is that we love doing the sport for the competition within ourselves, but we're starting to lose our spark a little. Jen is thinking about taking a little time off since she's literally just come off of an Ironman. So, I was doing a lot of thinking about how I can continue to find motivation.

The olympics definitely helps =0. Watching all the athletes makes my own training seem like it should be a walk in the park! I train a couple of months, as an age-grouper with really no pressure other than what I put on myself. These athletes train for years with all kinds of parental pressures (even though the parents "seem" supportive) and it's just amazing what all of them have accomplished.

I had a hard time motivating myself this weekend.....but, i'm almost done with training for the weekend and I have tomorrow of. Because i'm traveling to DC for two weddings at the end of Aug/early September (they're back to back weekends), i'm not going to have time to ride regularly, so my schedule calls for a bit of a "ramp up" this weekend and next weekend.

Friday: 60 minute swim, 90 minute run
Saturday: 4.5 hour ride (which was closer to five hours. 71 miles and a bit of hills) and a 30 minute run
Today, Sunday: 2 hour run, which i'll do later when it cools off.

I know my run later will probably be less than stellar, but it's also about me paying my dues now and learning how to run when my legs are tired. They're sore slightly from yesterday's ride/run, but working through it today kind of reminds me of Ironman, just working through it.

This is all part of it, and I know people probably say "well, if you don't like it why keep training." It isn't that I don't like it, but it's like anything else, if you want a master's degree, you are going to hate studying sometimes, but you have to do it to do well. So, i'm a bit low on the motivation level right now, but seeing friends/training with people really helps a lot.

I'm dedicating this post to Jen because we managed to find something to talk about for almost five hours yesterday and I think we both felt a bit more relieved after some venting and we figured out how to motivate each other. I can't wait to toe-the-line with you in November at Ironman, you're going to rock...... and I'll stay true to my promise that you don't have to wait for me to finish...go get that pizza =0.


Lauren said...

I LOVED YOUR albums on Facebook! That made me so happy. Your family looked great and you on the Boulder trail on the bike - was that a prof picture? Awesome! I'm sorry you're low on motivation...just two weeks you get to meet JACK! Oh, and I'll be here too - haha. I can't wait. Pretend you're biking from SD to NoVA to see us and get to the weddings.

Jennifer Yake said...

Awww....thanks. Blinking back the tears (good ones) Riding with you real helped me realize how much fun the training can be and how much I didn't want to quit but needed to change something. Thanks for helping me realize that taking a break can be a positive thing. That you can take a break and regroup without quitting entirely and that it is ok to want to have a balance in your life. I think I can get it together and enjoy the IMAZ experience and have stellar bridal nails. After IMAZ we should do a spa day or let our hair down and drink margaritas by the pool. After your upcoming weekend trips we'll have to ride together again. Thanks for being there. If you need anything I'll be there for you unless of course I'm busy at the spa ;)