Sunday, September 14, 2008

Angry Thighs!!

So....did I do it?? Yup, and it hurt...but not in the knees and that's all I really care about. My thighs are quite pissed off at me, but they need to be worked anyway, so I don't know what they're complaining about!

The weekend report:
We already touched on Friday--90 minute hilly run (10 miles), 45 minute trainer ride
Saturday: 2 hour 10 minute run it ended up being......15.25 miles, WAHOO! Longest run to date and I averaged about an 8:34 pace, and I felt great. My thighs were tired but no knee pain and physically I felt awesome. Lesson learned, I will NOT be running an 8:34 pace in my next race. That is my normal pace apparently after a lot of long runs at "zone 2," that is what my pace is. Which means, I will absolutely RUN FASTER and harder than an 8:34 pace for race day. If I don't, I only have myself to blame. Seriously--I need to kick my own ass and stop getting comfortable. Sub low 8:00's or don't show up for the race.

The spa was awesome! Check it out: We had a couple's massage and then I did a scrub which had a mini massage included......ahhhh. We decided this needs to be added in to our "fun" things we do, since travel for the two of us next year is very limited with Dave's schedule, we think swinging up to swanky La Jolla for the day and the spa is just like a mini vacation ....minus the dog walker fees =0.

Even though the spa was wonderful, I was exhausted last night----I actually made Dave and I leave early from a party last night, at 8:00, some person was talking about their kids and I was like "uh huh..uh huh, ok, great, thanks for having us, I gotta go to bed," (Ok, so it wasn't quite *that* rude,) but Dave was in full swing conversation, I walked over and i'm like "I have to go" Very rare that I curtail my social hour, but last night, I was so wiped out and I knew I had a long day today and I was just wiped out from the run!

Sunday: 3.5 hour ride (53 miles,), 44 minute transition run (5 miles).

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be today--walking down my stairs was interesting with my thighs, but of course the second I jumped on my bike, my legs behaved and I don't know where or how I found the energy, but I was keeping up with my friends Julia and Kathleen, who are very bad ass cyclists although they say they're not. They are. We did a little hills, but nothing awful, but enough for me to say to Juls "Done talking, you talk, tell me funny stories," so she did.....while I shut up and pedaled and tried to keep up with her and her power meter. I threatened to take the power meter and ride over it, but I couldn't swipe it fast enough =0

And...the run actually wasn't too bad either, my nutrition was great, so I got off the bike and ran for 44 minutes. I ran a good pace, it wasn't impressive but it wasn't a sluggish run either. All I can ask for with 30 miles of running in 3 days.

Supposed to do a 75 minute swim as well, but i'm going to push that until usual day off, so we'll see!!!! I'll post some pictures from my trip soon, although most people I know are on facebook so that is where my pics are at these days, but i'll post some anyway!


Anonymous said...

WOO! Great weekend, Mer! Way to stay tough and have a great training weekend - I saw the pics on Facebook, glad you had a great trip!!! :) Jen H.

Lauren said...

I love that you went to a spa! Now, if I could get Mads to read your blog for ideas...hmmm.

Shan said...

Great weekend Mer!!! I was so glad to see you last Thurs! :)

Good news - the acupuncture worked really well! I'm really excited to have another treatment tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be back to new in no time!