Saturday, September 13, 2008

Writing in real time...

Meaning i'm writing early (well, ok, not that early but I need my sleep).....before my long run. Life happens right, and Dave came home yesterday and realized he's on "call" tomorrow, which means he goes to work in the morning and doesn't come home until Monday. So, we were supposed to try and do something fun for our anniversary, but we were fresh out of ideas and with him being on call, we thought we'd try to do something today.

And our anniversary was actually on August 30th, it was our 5 year anniversary, so we were having a blast at the weddings and we thought a little pampering was in order. It's funny we don't usually do too much for our anniversary but with our schedules so busy and it being the 5th anniversary, we thought we'd try to do something this weekend!

Well, with my training schedule it's kind of hard to do an "all day" whatever it is, since i'm not usually home before 1:00 or, I decided to switch my schedule, which is something, especially at this point in training, I don't do because I do certain things on specific days so if I switch them around, i'm either too tired sore or whatever.

Like, yesterday I ran a hilly 90 minute run (10 miles) and did 45 minutes easy on the trainer. Typically today I would have done a 3.5 hour ride, 45 minute run with a masters swim of 75 minutes. But, TODAY =0, we are going to the SPA!! And, honestly, even though we've been traveling to weddings and all has been amazing, we really really need some time to relax and hang out together!

Last night we went out and had some wine at our favorite wine bar and then hit Sushi Ono....YUM!! We haven't had sushi in forever and it didn't disappoint......went to bed early and now...

Due to the schedule switch---- i'm doing my 2 hour and 10 minute run this morning--hopefully that will be close to 14-15 miles, who right now i'm fueling up (with some frozen waffles/almond butter/granola/raisins..ok, and some powdered sugar =0)...I would burn right through a banana so I need something with substance for my long runs!

The reason i'm writing about this is because i'm a bit sore/tired out from yesterday. I don't think i'm too sore to do my long run and I keep telling myself that either riding or whatever today or tomorrow, i'll be tired regardless of WHAT sport i'm doing, so i'm just going to go with it.

Besides i'm so excited for the spa it'll hopefully make me go faster! Dave is going to meet up with me for part of my run, he needed to get some sleep in.....despite the fact that i'm in bed and I sleep til 7:30 most mornings, he's usually up at 4:30 and out the door by 5:00 a.m. for a good twelve hour day, so he's going to get his beauty sleep and then meet up with me a bit later!!!

Ok, so this is writing in "real" time, not "after" the training......legs a bit worn but we'll see how I do!!

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