Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aquathlon Photos ...and mini report

It's's been a very very long day..and I have another long day tomorrow......i'll do my weekend training report tomorrow, let's just say i'm sporting a mini-sunburn right where I like it---where my bike shorts stop. D'oh..I always forget to spray that part. Otherwise i'm "burn free" after riding/running for 6 hours today.

Here are some Aquathlon photos!

This could quite possibly be one of my worst photos ever...the good with the bad right? I look thrilled....

Done with the swim!

2nd lap of the run....and i'm actually running!

The race went great, I think I finished 4th or 5th female, I don't even time was 34:50 or something, so my 1000 meter swim was about 12-13 minutes and the run around 22-23 minutes! Off to bed!


Lauren said...

You look amazing...I'm liking the rippling muscles.

BreeWee said...

YAY! Nice going there... and the suit looks HOT!