Thursday, September 18, 2008

Picture break..and aquathlon... we are all cleaned up.....on the Maryland shore for my friend Nicole's wedding.....gorgeous day!!!

Freshman year roommates..and still talking after all these years!!

Gnawin' on some fondue after my speech.....I was so nervous I couldn't eat dessert until after!

In DC for Jena's wedding!!! Speech was the night before....phewph....

I've known her since Kindergarten!!

It was an awesome trip and I always have mixed feelings about leaving DC. I don't miss "DC" *all*, but I very much miss all of my friends, and ok, so the greenness of the trees and cold winters, I DO miss......happy to be where I am.....just a little sad to leave, it's never enough time to catch up!!

Tonight: Aquathlon! 1000 meter ocean swim and 3 mile run on the beach! Should be awesome, it's the last one of the season, so i'm hoping it goes fast and I can eat at the buffett of foods afer. I think Dave will be able to make it, so maybe he can take some pictures!!!


Lauren said...

I love when you put pics on!
You look great!

Kir said...

Nope...never enough time to catch up! SHould have taken that 1/2 day with you. =( Sorry...I'm behind on your blog but trying to catch up! Love you!!!