Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brief Virginia update!!

Since i'm currently staying at the home of one of my best friends and loyal blog reader who insisted I update my I am!!

So, basically last weekend...was awesome, a best friend of mine from college, Nicole got married and I was a bridesmaid---the coolest thing, Nicole currently lives in Switzerland so the wedding was mostly filled with Swiss-German/German peeps and I used a lot of hand gesturing and learning some new words to chat with buddies. Dave and I had met a few of them two years ago in our trip to Europe, but it was really fun to spend a few days with all of them. They're super laid back and really know how to party! Nicole and Andu are an awesome couple and it was fantastic to celebrate with them!! I only wish it was a little longer (as most weddings go!).

Needless to say, it was raining for a bit when I got here, so NO training from Thursday-Sunday. I could have technically fit in a run in the pouring rain, but I had that option or going with Nicole by ourselves to pick up people at the airport and obviously I chose to spend time with Nicole and chill out! It gave me a chance to spray flavored seltzer water all over her dad's mercedes......thankfully he was preoccupied with other things this past weekend =0.

Fast forward a bit to Monday--the day after the wedding. Let me preface this by saying that Friday night was the bachelorette party (complete with limo and bar hopping), Saturday was the rehearsal dinner at Cole's parents house so it involved a day of setting up, preparing the house and Sunday was the wedding. I don't think I slept more than 4-5 hours each night, but I was moving along on fun and adrenaline.

SO, Monday....after a rental car breakdown (thank you Budget for my crappy American made car) =0, I finally made it over to my friend Lauren's house who was paying her dues as a good neighbor at a 70-year-old's, it was my chance to RUN! I ran out of the house and ran for 60 minutes, just getting my legs moving and it was awesome!

Yesterday: woke up armed with directions to a spin class...drove around for 20 minutes, couldn't find the gym, scrapped that idea and drove to a health club that I used to play tennis at that I knew had a pool...I got there 20 minutes later...pool is CLOSED (it's an indoor pool!), so, I decided to make use of the health club anyway. Initially they told me they wouldn't give me a one day pass and i'm like "but i'll PAY for it,"....geez, i'm like "people, i'll GIVE you money, just let me freaking workout!". So, I rode.........a recumbant bike......ugh. It was awful but at this point, I was desperate to bike to some degree. So, I rode for 30 minutes and then jumped on the treadmill for 30 minutes and did an interval work out with hills and fast pace. Then, I drove back to Lauren's, realized that Oak Marr, another pool was nearby her house, so I googled directions and off I went to the pool. Got there and wouldnt' you know it, ONLY the pool is open, everything else is under construction. So, I swam for 35 minutes.

I was excited because at least I tried to get stuff in! I'm trying to visit with a few people this week and fit my training in to some degree! Always an adventure right?

So, this morning, i'm going to swim for 60 minutes and my friend Shannon and I are scheduled to run for 60-80 minutes together tonight, so that should be fun!

The hotel i'm staying at this weekend has a pool and gym.....that should be interesting, I picture a very old rickety bike with no straps for feet and a pool with algae, but i'll do a full report upon my return!!

I'm headed to my other friend's house tomorrow, she is the one getting married this weekend, so i'm back on bridesmaid duty, but I think my sleep should be better this time around!!!
PS: I think I can acclimate to the humidity here, not a problem.....but the mosquitos, I totally forgot about the bugs here--I have several bites. I don't think we have these in San Diego, needless to say, i'm NOT missing the bugs!


Anonymous said...

glad you are enjoying the east coast! can't wait to see pics from nicole's and jenna's weddings! love, christie

JMoTriBella said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! My time in DC was great. I'll have a blog post soon...I promise. Pat and I did a long run (me = 10, he =14) on Sunday. We slept in a little later than planned, and didn't start running until 10:30. I was pretty proud of how I did in the heat/humidity. We rode on Monday through NW DC and Maryland (I used Nikki's bike). Good times, but I'm still itching mosquito bites! :) See you when you return!

Suzy said...

Hey there, Meredith! I'm Suzy. Amanda also coaches me and I'm good friends with Angie!

Amanda has asked that I start reading your blog and actually contact you about IM FL '07...I will be attempting it this year! YIKES!!!

When things settle down, I'd love to be able to bounce some ideas/ questions off you (i.e. b/c of one your post I've switched from Mizuno's...I have been plagued like never before with blisters, but none since the switch... =0)

Anywho, happy weddings & training. Hope to hear from you! Thanks

Mer! said...

Hey Suzy!! Thanks for your message! I would love to chat about IMFL---it was truly awesome and I PROMISE the training is harder than the actual race!! My email is if you want to email!!