Monday, September 8, 2008

Solid training (minus the bike), weddings and a cold =0

Returning to work and having your boss out for the day is AMAZING! Thank you Deb for not being at work today me a chance to settle in without having to handle her zaniness. I very rarely post about work in fear that if my boss ever actually learned how to find a blog or use Windows 2000 (since my computer is set to Windows 98).....I may lose my greenbacks that come every two weeks =0. Anyway, very happy she is out today and I can do important things like blogging =0.

I traveled back to Virginia where I grew up for two weddings in two weekends =0. I was in both of them so my goal was to just keep the energy level high for my girls and make sure that all their little dreams came true and they felt as though they were floating. I think I accomplished that, hopefully! The first wedding was for Nicole and Andu--they live in Switzerland and Nicole and I were roommates in college fresh/soph. year...anyhoo, it was an amazing wedding, I became further educated in the differences between German and Swiss Germans and picked up a few words and was slightly thankful during my speech that maybe 40% of the party couldn't understand me..or maybe it was more like 10% since they all understand English, but maybe I spoke fast enough they couldn't catch me stumble. It was amazing! I'll post pictures soon!

During the week I got to FINALLY meet my best friend Lauren's little boy, Jack. Too cute. Seriously, you know when you meet a little one and they're just adorable and even the "bad" things they do are funny and you look at the parents you've known forever and you're just amazed at how cool/amazing they are as parents and you realize that parenthood just may be all that it's cracked up to be?? well, that's how I felt. Watching my friend Lauren and her husband be parents was really cool, especially when Jack ate corn on the cob for the first time, with FOUR teeth =0. Impressive. It was such a little moment for me, I was having so much fun with them, I forgot time was moving so quickly. I'll post some pictures of that as well! I also got to have lunch with my old doubles partner and best tennis friend was a quick/long lunch and never enough time, but special all the same. Then, I zipped over to Arlington and got in a long run with another tennis friend, turned runner/action girl, Shannon! We capped off the night with pizza, red wine and watching the speech by hopefully what will become the eventual loser of the 2008 election...cough cough...McCain/Palin (sorry, couldn't resist).

Woke up Thursday morning, zipped over to get my dress steam cleaned for Jena/Kirk's wedding and spent the day with Jena doing errands, Friday we got manicure pedicures and managed to get both of my black toenails completely disguised and presentable for heels on Saturday =0. Jena is my oldest friend, we've known each other since kindergarden. So, it was one of those weddings where I would find myself having flashbacks to when we were young, or running into people, like the guy who used to hold the gun to "start" the swim meets at our pool. Or, Jena's neighbor that I always slowed down for as I zipped around the corner in my car to her house. It's true, you get cheesier as you get older, and you wish that the people your friends marry---see the same qualities that you see in them, the good and the not so good =0. It was a beautiful wedding and awesome dancing and food prevailed even during hurricane rain!! Pictures to follow.

My training: I actually did a GREAT job of training while in DC!! I didn't train the Thursday-Sunday during Nicole's wedding but:
Monday: 60 minute run (7 miles).
Tuesday: 35 minute bike, 30 minute treadmill interval run/with hills, 35 minute swim
Wednesday: 40 minute swim, 70 minute run (8 miles)
Thursday: 50 minute swim
Friday: 30 minute run
Saturday: 40 minute run (5 miles)

Not exactly a huge volume, but my goal was to really keep myself moving, mix up the runs enough so I wouldn't get stiff, so I was stoked to do that. Goal in swimming was just to maintain and add in intervals. Biking, ugh, I just couldn't find a spin class that fit in with my schedule, so i'm sure i'll be making up for that tenfold =0.

Today is a rest day for me, i've declared since I am fighting a cold and I have some cold sores in my mouth that are making eating a challenge. Time to rest and do groceries today and probably swim/bike tomorrow!!!
Thanks for reading!!


Lauren said...

Thanks for the shout-outs :)

Anonymous said...

you did make my wedding incredible! thank you, my sweet!!! :-) Love, Nicole