Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mizuno's, Saucony's, Nike's, and Asics oh my...

So, i've been going through running shoes trying to find "the" pair. The Mizuno's i'd worn for five years were the the culprit of my knee pain/IT band/patellar pain from last year. Oh, and yeah, they started to give me blisters a few months back. So, I did what any sensible athlete would do, I grabbed an older pair that didn't give me blisters and started wearing those. Bad Move.

Finally, my good ole trusty friend Juls gave me a pair of her Saucony's. Just like that no issues. It's actually been a very long time since i've had knee pain anyway, but the Saucony's felt great. Until...

I started to have teeny issues with my achilles. No time to mess around.

Went to Road Runner Sports two Saturday's ago (very big mistake). Could NOT leave until I found another pair of shoes because I had a second run that afternoon and I refused to continue with the Saucony's (which actually would be great shoes if they didn't give me an achilles issue, I wore them for a while).

Stuck between Nike and Asics. Went with Nike? Why? Um, they felt good at the time, nice and light like my Mizuno's. Ohhh, I miss the comfort of walking into a store and just pointing to the running shoe and saying "THAT ONE."

I ran about 40 miles in the Nikes. They're not awful, but I started to get the toe soreness like the Mizuno's and I could really feel the pavement.


I need to stop trying to pretend like I am a gazelle and I can wear light weight shoes for long distances.

Fast forward: TODAY: back to Road Runner, returned the Nike's. Tried on a few more pairs of Nike's, they all felt too light. Went back to the Asics and now today, for my track workout, i'm about to try out the most expensive pair of running shoes i've ever bought.

The Saucony's I didn't pay for.....but these ugly, ugly purple Asics, I paid for. They had better be worth it, because I have quite a bit of running left to do.

I discovered an AMAZING snack today. Ok, so, I think it's worthy: Pretzels with drizzled honey. YUM.

I had to stop eating hummous after lunch (usually I'd eat hummus with pretzels for a snack before working out). PSA: Hummus has beans=nasty on the stomach. So, no hummus before any activity. So, my new substitute for hummus post-noon is HONEY.

Off to put on my purple-people-eater shoes before track.


Gould said...

go to movin shoes in encinitas. they will help you find the right shoes. i swear! they will take the time to watch you walk and run to help figure out the best shoe for you.

plus, i love the mom & pop feel of the store. i like supporting the little guy.

hope your training has been well!

Trevor said...

Interesting..! I prefer to wear comfy, lightweight and supportive running shoes. Brand doesn’t matter.