Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend wrap up...

I already covered my long ride from yesterday....and that brings us to today....I had two runs on my schedule. A long run this morning of 2.5 hours which included 3x30 minutes at level 2 and then 8x30 second hill repeats at level 3 (so, really pushing it). So, I did what any normal person would do =0, I ran Mission Bay, and then up to Mount Soledad (remember that's the "mount" that Juls lives on, it goes straight up) felt really good.

I always give myself that first mile to shake out and get my legs moving, not being a natural runner, I never "fly" right off the bat. Actually...I never fly =0, but usually in a race, I run much better off the bike than I do in training when I have to run alone...I'm not sure why. But, even in my brick workouts when I do a bike-run...I always seem to run that first mile pretty solidly. But, in days like today when it's "just" running, I have a hard time getting started!

So, i'm not shy, i'll write the good along with the bad. The bad: two miles were at 9:05 pace and 9:03 pace. However, my average for 18 miles along with hill repeats and some slow time since the first half hour was at Level 1 and the last half hour I was supposed to take it easy, but only did that for miles 15 & 16......17 I got antsy and wanted to make it to, I averaged an an 8:26 pace overall!! Stoked about that.

I realized that my lungs don't seem to limit me, I actually have a hard time getting my heart rate up sometimes when i'm on the flats, but my legs are the ones that I have to keep training to keep moving at a certain speed. There were times that my heart rate was fine but I was going under an 8:00 minute pace and I think I find myself thinking "wow, I don't think I can keep this up," and then it's a mind game of "yes you can, no you can't." That sort of thing.

I hope my running keeps up well, I think this will be great for SOMA--since it's a half....but hopefully knocking out my 18 miles in 2:31 today will fare well for Arizona. I also ran 3 miles in the evening so....

21 miles total today....and how am I recovering? I found a new drink by Odwalla: Pumpkin Protein......YUM. Seriously, it's almost like a starbucks....well, not really, but it packs a ton of protein and carbs...and ok, yeah, some sugar, but it's great for recovery!

What's on tap this week? Well.....I actually do NOT have tomorrow off and I usually do...but, that is ok, i'm willing to go with it because I have this Friday off instead!! =0

I have to get my bike into the shop somehow..probably after my shortish ride tomorrow because I think I cracked my front wheel...ohhhh, an expensive expensive problem..let me tell you.......thankfully I have a husband who never rides his bike, so i've been using his front wheel..but ehhhhh.....I don't know, i'd rather check out and see what happened to my front wheel. Thankfully the back wheel seems to be just fine.

And, since i've been changing the back wheel in and out when I use my trainer, I've gotten to be an EXPERT at taking my back wheel on and off. Changing a tire, that is another story =0......I can do that pretty well, but i'm sure it would take me a good amount of time. At least I can take the wheel off now, for a while that was "iffy" as well.

To make the weekend even more great, my Giants won in football today =0......sadly, they lost to Dave's Seahawks. We managed to see the game a bit and relax!!! I had coffee this was nice =0.


Anonymous said...

Wow! 21 miles! Awesome! I was happy with my little 1 hr run this morning! You Rock!

Anonymous said...

YEAHHHH Mer! You are doing so great - that SOMA 1/2 is going to be great. That Pumpkin recovery drink...ok, that REALLY interests me - not now since I have nothing to recover from - haha- but when I start training again....I will have to check that out. :) yeah on your great weekend again! Jen H.