Friday, October 31, 2008

No time for rest!!

Just wanted to say a big thank you for everyone who emailed/called/sent wishes about my SOMA race!! I totally felt loved and I totally appreciated everyone reading my long winded race report =0. Sometimes, I look back at my race reports and I realize I write a lot, but sometimes I don't write exactly what i'm thinking, probably for the better otherwise my race reports would be huge.

So...what's been happening here in the Trowbridge household since Sunday? Well, I drove back Monday with my new, crazy sexy compression tights (and no, I don't have a picture of them, so you'll just have to picture black tights with some gray....they don't look too peter-panish, but not exactly something i'd wear out and about)....although give me another week with limited laundry time, I may start wearing those bad boys to work =0.

Let me back up here for a second. I forgot a hugely crucial part of my post-race report. Before SOMA Amanda really wanted me to get in a total of 16 miles of running on the day of my race. So, she strongly suggested I get in 3 miles before the race. As in, get up at like 3:30 and get in the 3 miles, come back, eat breakfast and get going. Did I do that? Of course not, because I like to procrastinate and make things really hard on myself. So....after moving for 5:00:22 in SOMA.....I came back to Dave's parents house and I kept the same shorts on, and put on another tri top to go running. I left home my visor, my sunglasses and water. It was still 90 degrees. I put on my running shoes...again, after I had taken them off already from the race.

I will say, at that point, there are few worse feelings than having salt all over your face, and all you want to do is go shower and relax. My fault though! I didn't run in the morning!

So.....I trudged outside and i'm so embarassed to type this, but it took me 35 minutes to go 3 miles!! I was hobbling, I had to walk, I was thirsty, annoyed with myself for A: Not getting up early and B: forgetting ALL types of sun protection and water. I learned my lessson.

But, got in the 3 miles. Check!

So, i've been resting this week, no training. Right! I wish.....Tuesday I swam for 60 minutes...
I was supposed to ride for 90 but couldn't fit it in with work..

Wednesday I had a 30 minute run in the morning which was unfortunatly cut short to a 25 minute run due to a bathroom emergency and a very ill-timed breakfast. That afternoon I ran my 6x1 mile on the track. I went into the track workout wondering how I would do. I was three days post-race and here I was doing speed work? Ok, let's give it a shot. I nailed it! I varied my times between 8:06 miles and 8:26 miles.....not bad for not having tapered for my race and being 3-days post race. I was pleased.

Yesterday. SUCKED. My 2 hour bike ride sucked, I couldn't do my intervals like I was supposed to and my swim....I swam like Dave. =0. I don't even know what was wrong with me....I don't even think I was that tired, but anyway..... last night we topped off the night with a pumpkin carving party, it was super awesome and some sugar is always good.

Today. Better. My 45 minute hilly run, sucked....but, I felt better towards the end. My swim.....4,000 meters..ROCKED. I did really well, stayed in my fast lane like I was supposed to. We only did a 3,000 for masters so I had to add on.

And, to top the swim off, there was a bucket of candy..I decided I was worthy of a tootsie roll pop. =0

The thing is, no sense getting annoyed in Ironman training when a workout doesn't go well, 'cause you know what? You're just going to get up and do more training the next day, so I let bad training days roll off my back pretty well.

Story of the day: I packed a snack for after my swim because I needed to go do errands and didn't want to have to come back home first because I HATE back tracking, I like to get everything done at once. Well, I was laughing at myself because I was showering at the pool and i'm like "That Cliff bar is NOT going to hold me over." So, I drove my butt home and here I am typing...and i'll go do my errands in a bit.

I am on the search for some light weight trainers to wear in Ironman. Not super light because of my knees, but Asics has a pair that is significantly lighter than my purple people eater shoes, so i'm going to go check them out. My husband also managed to get in a text to me in plenty of time to request himself a pair of shoes as well =0. He's lucky he's cute.

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Lauren said...

Wait...I am still stuck on you having to run 3 EXTRA miles on race day?!?! You are dedicated. Very dedicated. I think each blog should now start with a countdown to IM!!!