Sunday, November 2, 2008

Post-Long Run, Pre-Long Ride

Yesterday I took super good care of myself after my 2.5 hour/17.5 mile was one of those runs that wasn't too bad, but I wish I could have gone faster. But, I kept reminding myself I wasn't supposed to be going "race pace," just getting the time in and on my feet. My nutrition went well, just water and shot bloks....I knew my legs were worn out when they were super heavy by mile 10. Ugh....I was definitely feeling last week's race a little bit, but I just kept moving. A girl cycled up next to me and was like "Did you do Ironman Florida," at this point i'm running into a headwind and anyone who has run with me before knows.....I absolutely cannot talk when I run, I don't know what it is, but I can't even get a word out....

She must have seen my visor (yeah, i'm a dork and for extra inspiration these days i've pulled out my "Ironman Florida," crap to keep me going =0), I say "I did!..are you training too!?" and she said "yeah i'm doing a race in month."

Me: thinking, what race is next month in Arizona?? Mine is in 3 weeks, I said "which race are you doing?"
Her: Ironman Arizona
Me: thinking, girl-that race is in THREE weeks, don't you dare make it further away!! I just said "oh, awesome, me too!! " and she started to ride away, so I just said "see you soon, good luck!"...

Anyway, it was a nice interruption in my run!

Post run: hit 7-eleven for a 20 lb bag of ice....came home, dumped it in the tub, grabbed my Odwalla Pumpkin Protein drink for recovery, sat in tub for 15 minutes and called my parents and my dad proceeded to say "you know....i'm super proud of you, but you know, sometimes even if you have a coach and a schedule, it's ok to miss things and listen to your body." ..gotta love dads! Got out of the tub.....showered, put on my favorite Alcis cream all over my legs (like Ben Gay only it works), stretched, stretched on the foam roller, put on my compression tights and sat in our leather chair for a few hours while Dave slept (he was post-call which kinda kills our weekends) and I got caught up on Desperate Housewives! We dragged ourselves out of the house for a super tasty Italian dinner in Little Italy, I *even* put on a dress and my go go boots.....I was eager to wear something fun and girly....but I gotta say high heeled boots after 17.5 miles is not very comfy! We finished off the night with fro yo! Kind of a low key night, but that's kind of how our weekends go, not a whole lot of running around with our lack of energy!!

I'm headed out now to a 5.5 hour ride and 30 minute run. It'll all be done on the Silver Strand, for two reasons: I don't want to drive 40 minutes (there and back) to go up the coast......and there is no good place to run if I park up in UTC so i'm going to go to the strand, which is actually awesome for Arizona training, flat and i'm *sure* I will hit headwinds just like I will in the race!

Off to fill up some water bottles!


Amanda Lovato said...

Awesome Job Mer,
I love your commitment. You will rock AZ!

Jen's Journey said...

Can I just say that theOdwalla Pumpkin Protein drink sounds amazing..ha!

Great job! I love hearing about your training. I am learning SO much.

You are another day closer to achieving all you dream of!

Keep reaching!!!!
Jen xx