Friday, October 3, 2008


Apparently, change is good?? So today I decided to switch things up completely. I'm taking my 90 minute hill run up to Rancho Santa Fe here in San Diego and i'm running the San Dieguito half marathon route. It's packed with hills supposedly, although i've never run it, i'm armed with my little route and i'm going to try.

I'm doing this because i'm sick of my 90 minute hill run in Balboa Park and I am desperate for a new route.

So, cheers to change and shaking things up. Out with the old, in with the new. Hopefully I won't get too lost. It already looks hilly enough!

It'll probably take me a good 25 minutes to get up there, so this had better be worth it. Amanda would be proud, last year she encouraged me to go up and run in Rancho Santa Fe because of the rolling hills, but I never did because of, well, laziness or just wanting to stick to my usual route. But, I arranged to "work from home today," and i'm kicking my old running route aside.

Time to rock n roll....

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Amanda Lovato said...

Great Job Mer!!!!
Way to go out of your "comfort zone". I hope all is well!!