Saturday, October 4, 2008

Change is good....

So, yesterday's change up with my typical run worked out awesome. Drove up to Rancho Santa there and realized, that I had to run "north" in order to get the route right. How do I know which way is north?? Ok, sorry, I don't claim to be the brightest,, my car has a little N/S/E/W thing on my mirror, so I turned the car around until I figured out which way was north. I can't believe I just admitted to that....but, anyway.....I got started on my run and I had heard that the course was really hilly and somewhat difficult, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Running along, dodging cars, nearly getting hit by dog grooming trucks, yard maintenance trucks, catering trucks...yup, welcome to Rancho Santa Fe, it's like a cross between the OC and Scottsdale, addition to making California "hands free" for cell phones, they need to make it "Starbucks free" while driving as well, I had several, mostly women, trying to juggle their Starbucks with their visors on, probably on their way to the golf course, or to get their nails done and they missed hitting me by inches. Don't get me wrong, I drink Starbucks and I get my nails done occasionally, i'm just saying these people seemed more preoccupied with flying around corners then necessarily driving very safely! I had a lot of time to think about the area since I was just running along!

I didn't run all that fast, primarily because I wasn't familiar with the course, so I had to run with a map and my water bottle, then, I hopped on a trail to run, but it was mulch. Have you ever tried to run on mulch? Don't. It's like running on sand....and I don't even mean packed mulch, I was just asking for an ankle roll, so I hopped off the trail, back to the road where I battled against the maintenance trucks.

10 miles......and I actually didn't think it was that difficult, I didn't do all 13, thanks to my slow ass pace...but, from what I could tell, I think my hill training/repeats have really helped.....i'm not saying I flew fast or anything, but in terms of difficulty, I think I handled it well!!

Ate some dinner with my friend Sassy Shan...SO great to catch up...she's awesome and hopefully she had a GREAT 5K race this morning, i'm sure she killed it!!! Go Shan!

This morning I decided to rebel against the whole "get up early and get started on my ride." I get very rebellious in my training, like I start having to find different routes, (hence Rancho Santa Fe) I get annoyed with the same thing every weekend. SO, this morning, I slept in =0, and started my ride at the leisurely hour of 9:45 =0. I kept it simple, rode up the coast, through Camp Pendleton and back. It wasn't that easy though, within my 5.5 hour ride, I had to do 4x1 hour at Ironman Race Pace. Now, riding along the coast, doing *anything* consistently is hard because you are stopping every so often and you have to watch out for cars in the beach towns etc. So, I just ended up going hard for most of the ride until the very last half hour, since I couldn't keep track of going hard 4x1 hour due to my stop signs and stop lights, anyway. My favorite part was kind of odd: Camp Pendleton. I've rode it a bunch of times, but this time I was alone, the clouds packed in and it started to drizzle......I rode further in Pendleton than i'm used to, picking big hills near the hospital, and just kind of going with it. It got a little unnerving because I didn't see anyone else out by the hospital area, but it was also so nice to finally break away from the traffic and people...and tourists =0. Who most of which have left San Diego by now (thankfully!) it's hard navigating with tourists who don't watch for cyclists, so this time of year is great in San Diego! =0

I wrapped up at Camp Pendleton and added on a little more north and then came back.....all in all 94 miles, just over 5,000 feet in climbing...not as steep as last weekend, but pretty good for the day!!!

That's it! Tomorrow I have a 2.5 hour run in the morning and a .5 hour run in the evening.....should be good, still testing out the new Nike's.....don't know if I like them or not..hmmm......we'll see!!

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