Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Feelin it.....

This whole unemployed/non training thing some would find absolutely amazing...but, seriously folks, I think we can all agree, you could probably do it for 3-4 weeks and then you would start twiddling your thumbs. Thankfully this year I have plenty of people to buy for Christmas, or I would be......super bored. So, i'm doing my best to get back into the swing of things with training.

Since Ironman:
Swim: 3 times
Bike: 3 times (two of these were for 2 hours and i'm riding again on Thursday morning).

I started running again yesterday...ran for 40 minutes, woke up this morning and enter thought: ohhhh, I LOVE this! Waking up slightly sore from running! I have such a love/hate relationship with running. I have a very fine line I walk of running too much and not enough.

The thing is, it's easy in the sense that I can run out my front door, I don't have to drive somewhere to do it....you can get a good work out relatively quickly and i'm done for the day. Cycling involves driving somewhere and a wealth of food etc......swimming is wet =0 and involves immediate showering. Oh, wait, doesn't running--well, not the same urgency I feel to shower immediately after itching from the chlorine in swimming!

I don't have much else to report on the "training," end....other news here in our house is that the one dog who had been constantly pooping on our carpet (thanks to drinking water from the Christmas tree) finally seems to have things under control, only after we spent $100.00 on a steam cleaner from Target. I am still job searching....someone from my book club has a friend who works for a foundation that has a home for individuals with traumatic brain injury and the provide transitional services to those individuals so I am doing my best to "network" to see if they need someone to help provide job seeking services as well. So, that's my "degree" in a nutshell....helping individuals with disabilities find jobs....most individuals have a newly aquired disability so they can't do the job they once performed....and so I figure out what skills they can continue to use and what additional training they may need.

I'm off to finish up Christmas shopping and i'm going to aim for some yoga here in a bit. Stay tuned =0

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Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

GREAT riding with you last weekend! Yea!!! I know - I'm grateful for "the Christmas season" because that's helping to keep ME occupied. Well, that and I can actually train. :) You did SUPER! And I'm so excited for our rides in the future. Oh - and I totally agree about the swimming thing. Everything BUT running takes a little bit of extra effort. Enjoy the yoga - :)