Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Idle hands....

Never make for a good, I did what any normal athlete does when they're not in structured training and have nothing else to do.....I signed up for the San Dieguito Half Marathon in February! I know, I know, some of you are rolling your eyes "I thought you were done with this." Uh, Uh, not quite people, I said I was SEMI-retired from Ironman....not "all" racing and certainly not running! Besides, honestly, a week after Ironman I was aching to run. Badly. I thought swimming and biking would take my mind off not being able to run, but nope. Sometimes, even though I hate it, there is nothing better than a good run.

So..I ran Monday....and then I ran again yesterday, 5 miles in 42 minutes. That wasn't very smart. Two days of running consecutively after not having run since a marathon that was part of an Ironman. Not to mention that the 5 miles I ran yesterday weren't leisurely, I kept trying to push myself faster? Why? Because it felt good and I was SO excited to be running and not itchy from cholorine or "not really worked" from biking.

Brilliant idea Mer (or MUR as i'm affectionately called). That's why folks, in the past, i've been under close watch by my brilliant coach, Amanda...who i'm sure is reading this thinking "EASY MUR"....I shouldn't be pushing it. But, I did....because it's just me leading me formal coaching. Which can be really fun, but i'm learning really dangerous as I nearly croaked getting out of bed this morning. This morning's leg soreness isn't too bad, but I probably shouldn't be "this" sore from running just yet.

Know what else I did yesterday? I thought of two things. Doing the Tri Club San Diego race this Saturday....or running a 5K really fast. What is wrong with me? I don't really know. I think the thing is, my recovery from Ironman was/is going awesome, and I actually don't feel like i've lost much fitness. Sure, i'm not ripping out 7:00/minute miles....but I clearly wasn't doing that before anyway (remember my 9 plus minute Ironman marathon!.....grrrr). Anyway...the thing is, when you feel good and you LOVE to race, you come up with crazy ideas.

Never mind that Ironman was less than three weeks ago...i'm already on to something else. It's funny, last year I had a huge post-Ironman slump, disappointed, depressed that Ironman was over..and I knew I had another one in me. THIS year, no slump, no depression, no future Ironman.....I don't know why!?? Maybe it's because I think it's secretly fun to see how I can torture myself on my own without a coach, so that keeps me entertained, or maybe it's because i've switched into possible "attempting a family mode,"...I don't know.

Wanna know how Dave found out I signed up for the half marathon!?? It went like this:
Me: Do you want to run the Jingle Bell 5K with me on Saturday??
Dave: How much is it?
Me: $40.00 for each of us, but it goes to arthritis
Dave: Seriously, $40.00 each for a 5K??
Me: Well, the money does go to important research...but, don't worry, we don't have to do it, I signed up for the San Dieguito Half Marathon and that was $40.00, so it was sort of cheaper???
Dave: Oh!! You signed up for San Dieguito....

And then he has no choice but to be supportive right?? Since doesn't do refunds......and he's supportive anyway, and he knew I was aching to sign up for something...I was just annoyed the Carlsbad Half is sold out. I was determined to re-run that from last year when I had borderline bronchitis and people handing out water were so kind as to point out that I "Looked terrible." Thanks.

The thing is, i've learned, for me, this stuff is just a way of life, whether it's a 5K, or an Ironman, i'm always trying to get better, faster and fitter..and it's FUN for me and keeps me sane. Rock on!


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Okay - I'm doing the Jingle Bells 5K also!!! Yeah!!! Yes, idle hands are very dangerous... better keep you away from Active and race sign-up sights. :)

Shan said...

Hmmm, I've been thinking of doing San Dieguito too...wanna do some training runs together? I know you usually run alone, but...could be fun!! :)

Lauren said...

That, my dear friend may be the biggest difference between you and I :) I have never craved a run...I, however, have craved spending $40 on something NOT at all atheletically related! Love you!!!

GoBigGreen said...

too funny - you just described me:)
and yes good to know you need a coach to
hold you back... Or kick your butt!
I think it is good to be so excited and motivated
or ADD as my supportive fiancé says!
I say " have some fun!" do shat you love!

Jennifer Yake said...

I think it is awesome you still have the desire to train and race. You can juggle many things. You rock. Let's ride again soon.

Eileen Swanson said...

Is there a Xmas 5 or 10K whle we're in SD?

Trigirlpink said...

No sense sitting around waiting for a baby right? Might as well stay in shape. You and my friend Jen have a lot in common. I think you are about the same age and she stopped training for triathlon after Kona this year to start a family. She wants to continue to run too.
She doesn't update her blog often but here it is if you want to connect!