Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I know...I know..

I've been an awful blogger!! I was talking to Amanda the other day and I was telling her I didn't feel like I had anything to report.....she begged to differ! Apparently she thinks that my small abscess I had drained (courtesy of my doctor husband with his at-home-remedies) and signing up to get my butt kicked this morning in a run are very "news worthy." I'll spare you all the details of the abscess draining, let's just say it kept me out of the pool and away from riding for over a week (still haven't done either)...however, my running has been doing pretty good!

Which brings me to my next "newsworthy" run this morning. I'm running with two pro triathletes......Eileen Swanson and Katya Meyers...and my new awesome friend...Marit (who recently ran a 19 minute 5K)........root for me hmmm kay??? 'Cause the sufferfest is about to begin.

Actually, since it's the off season, I may stand a chance to inhale some wood chips up against my shins, rather than my nose, because I may be able to sort of keep up a little bit...we'll see! I've been promised it's for fun and they just want to have a good time, and from what I know, they all seem really cool so i'm not too worried, but I know I got my "time" back up to about 60 minutes, so I can do that and the rest will just have to be a little more endurance....or "HTFU".....what does that mean?? (MOM STOP READING).........-----"HTFU" means "Harden the Fuck Up" sometimes, things are just hard and you have to do them because they make you swimming in a harder lane, doing track repeats in 30 degree weather with your coach..ahem ahem...Amanda!

What else is up with mer. NADA. ZILCH. The work-gods don't seem to be biting, so here I sit collecting unemployment and tweaking my resume. I went to Harvard right? Ok, so I haven't resorted to lying on my resume, but i'm hoping that something bites after the holidays! We'll see. In the mean time i've been busy somehow christmas shopping, hanging out with friends and just keeping busy!!!

Off to HTFU!! Merry Christmas!!!!


Eileen Swanson said...

SO AWESOME, had loads of fun today!! What a FUN morning ;-)

What's your email address? Need to send you the pics ;-)


Lauren said...

Yeah! I was worried you had stopped blogging! Merry Christmas.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

It was a FANTASTIC run!!! You did great, we all did great! So much fun enjoying Rancho Santa Fe, the conversation, the friendship! AND - the coffee - marvelous! Thanks for a great kick-off to Christmas Eve Day!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Merry Christmas!!!! :) Hope you guys had a great one and had fun running w/ E and Marit!

Trigirlpink said...

I hope you had a great holiday. Enjoy your time off. You'll find something soon and wish for your free time back!

I'm guess it's your bum on the abcess? hee hee

Mer! said...

HA! You guys make me laugh! I haven't stopped blogging, but I am truly at loss for words right now!! The run was AWESOME with Marit and Eileen, they are *fast* and super sweet!!

E-my email:

TGP:.....not on the bum....unfortunately in a certain shaving area close to my thigh...ugh..AWFUL.