Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comparing "Physique", since December, i've been working on trying to keep some leg strength while backing off from cycling a little bit. The thing is....cycling was great for my quads...and that is about did absolutely nothing for my butt and I think my legs could be stronger. So....enter some "lunges/squats/wall sits".......i've been doing them maybe twice a week and I TOTALLY over did it yesterday, but I love it. I feel sore! It's been forever since i've felt sore and it's really fun =0. The best part about all this, is that it takes 15 minutes.....and I HURT today!

So, this was interesting, the other day I was looking at pictures from when I did mainly olympic distance and triathlon.....and then my first half ironman. Maybe to the average person, you couldn't tell, but I was laughing because while "weight wise" i'm actually the same....oddly enough....but, my "physique" to me, is totally different when you compare pictures of me racing shorter versus longer distances. Obviously, when you think about it, you know while training for the Half Iron/Full Iron distance you are swimming/biking and running *that* much further, but it's amazing to me to compare the pictures. Ok, so you guys will be like "whatever"...but, for me, it's really funny to see! Check it out:

Above: post-2006 LA Triathlon (this is where I qualified for the Minneapolis Tri for the elite division). My arms look so little!

Another LA picture---2006Above---My first half Ironman, the SOMA half----also 2006----arms still looking reasaonable.....
Above--on the run in SOMA 2006.....
Above...Ironman Florida Finish...2007......arms pretty strong!!

Above: September of 2008, two months out from Ironman Arizona....DUDE....hello swimming arms/shoulders! Above--on the bike in Arizona....hello quads....must have been all the riding?? =0

Above: Ironman Arizona...this past November. PROOF in my back muscles that I swam a lot =0....

It's just cute/funny to me to see how bodies can change! I think with Ironman, I just completely "bulked" not in a bad way, but just in the way that ANY muscle I had, rally came out......although I will say......I am living proof that you can train 20 hours a week and NOT have abs of steel. Granted, I did absolutely NO core strength while doing Ironman training, which probably isn't the way to go....however, for those of you who DO train 15-20 hours a week, how do you fit in core work? I typically did two sports a day, and I was working at the time, so I don't know how people also fit in core strength while training this much!

I'm not complaining, I certainly don't need 6 pack abs, I was just surprised how defined everything else got, minus my stomach. I'm also living proof that sometimes, it's not just HARD cardio that blasts your stomach....I did plenty of hard cardio and still had a soft stomach!

This was a fun project for me, comparing my physique from shorter racing to longer racing!! Very cool!
Oh-----I'm not looking for compliments =0, just comparing the two distances and how different I think my body handles those types of pressures and what not. I'm also in awe of people who can fit in core workouts while training full time for long distance races. This was a fun comparison for me and it makes sense that our bodies would adapt to whatever distance we're going because we're using our muscles for shorter or longer durations and at different speeds. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! Your arms look awesome!!! Don't feel bad about not doing extra weights or core stuff. I don't do much of that either....i'm usually to tired, or i just plain don't want to!

Jen said...

You look so strong! Very cool. It has always amazed me how your body can change too.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

OMG - too funny! I too can train for 20+ hours per week, DO ab work, look ripped everywhere else, and STILL have a bit of a tummy. It is so sad. :( Yeah - it actually makes me feel good that I'm not alone with this plight :) hee hee hee.

Thanks for a GREAT time today! Can't wait till Saturday!

GoBigGreen said...

Hey fun photos, and fun to see TAN people when we are all PALE and OPAQUE here! I tell ya, if you can get sore quads/butt in 15 min you can also get sore Abs, Olbiques 15 minutes! Add a Bosu / Foam Roller and a Stablity ball and you can do it in 7.5 minutes! what a bargain!
Even ectomorphs have tummie's, must be that female thing:)

Jennifer Harrison said...

Great post and pics! Ok, there is a big difference between my IM years and short course years. I am a little heavier when I do IM....BUT when I do short course racing, My arms/lats, shoulders are OOC! I swim ALOT in short course years...and it shows. EEKS.....

I HATE (yes, I used the word HATE) core/strength work... I have to do core with others. I can not - I am not good at going BACK down into my basement after bein down there daily for HOURS to do more core/more strength...

So, I go to Pilates 1x week and do some lifting too...but do not lift several times /week....I don't need it in my upper body! but, my core needs it and so does my flexiblity, so I work on that at least 1x/week, but for the record, it is not my fav at all.

I think you look super!

Amanda Lovato said...

Youre IM shots are HOT. You look STRONG, girl!
I believe the whole "ripped" abs thing is all about your genetic makeup. I've seen chicks with super, wash board, hot, abs....However, they had a flabby butt and thighs.
Everyone is so different Mer.
You are one of the lucky girls though. You are the only one who sees your abs. (Although, I have seen your abs...and you do have a good stomach).
We are all our own worst enemies;).
Miss ya, girl!

ADC said...

Awesome picks Mer. I prefer the IM look. And am so with you on the abs front. It sucks :-)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Linked into your blog today, what a fun topic. Great pictures, fun to look back and remember different parts of your tri experiences. Cool! Best to you in 2009, Sara

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