Friday, January 23, 2009

Rock N Roll..Phoenix.. keeping with tradition, Jeff (brother in law) and Dave ran their 4th marathon together (other ones they've partially run together) this one.....they ran most of it together. Their goal: Boston 2010......Jeff endured some hard training runs in the cold of Denver, Colorado which included ridiculous headwinds, covering his face with a shirt in 10 degree weather....but he worked his tail off! Dave is balancing working as a resident, juggling a "on call schedule" and a pest of a wife....trying to log in all his miles. Somewhere in the midst of the race they both realized that it just wasn't "on" for them that, they dug deep and decided to try to go sub 3:30.....and they did..they finished with a time of 3:28....which is a PR for Jeff!!!! They'll get to Beantown eventually, it'll just make these moments all the more always, it's such a fun tradition and we LOVE spending time with family....check it out....
Getting their shoes ready........SMELL IT!

Me with Brownie our Cocker Spaniel....he fell asleep like that!! He's very snuggly.

Pre race pic!!

8:00 a.m. isn't too early for sugar right?? Keeping them occupied while waiting for dad!

Mile 14!!! here they come! Jeff ran over to high five the girls!

Dave doing his best to clap and say "thanks,"......poor dude was hurtin' already at mile 14.....

Post-race smiles....and Mia with Uncle Dave and his medal =0

We ROCK!! We're busy guys, we're tough and we still went 3:28!

Uncle Dave...Uncle Dave...will you hold my hand?? race cupcakes AND post race PEDICURES......for Mia's 4th birthday......

Day after.....sure, let's go to the park a little.......=0
Dave braves the slide....

Dawn and I swinging...

Hanging with the nieces!!!

SO! Our weekend was awesome! Dawn and Jeff's little guy, Finn, stayed home in Colorado with my we had some quality time with the little girls, they proved to be excellent cheerleaders and very much enjoyed their first pedicure....they're hooked!

Same old same old here, as I posted before, just applying for jobs, keeping up with light training and avoiding things that take VISA =0.

That being said, i'm off to buy a new coffee table today. We've been eyeing it since November..hmm, maybe i'll post pictures of the new coffee table when it arrives. Now ......*that* is exciting =0

Thank to you guys for all your posts and saying "hang in there" and "enjoy" know what they say though, it's no good being alone....if I had someone to make trouble with, i'd be much better off. I love it when I have a random friend tell me "i'm free for lunch" i'm like YAYY!! So.......I am just rolling with it...I do enjoy me, I just wish I had a little more "busyness," but i'm sure that will come in due time =0


Stephen Andert said...

Hey, sub 3:30 is great. I hope to get there this year, but only if I pick up my running. Glad the guys had a great race down here. I've done the last 3 HM's and was hoping to do the full, but no consistent running sine IMAZ last spring meant that was not a good idea. Felt strange not going downtown on Sunday.

ADC said...

Great pictures and great marathon time. The girls are adorable.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hooray for the guys - that's awesome! Sometimes you're just "on" and other times - not so much. They still did amazing though!

So happy that you got to spend time with the family AND your puppy is SOOOOO cute!

Oh - and lets do lunch next week :) I'm free! Enjoy coffee table shopping - can't wait to see the pics.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dave and Jeff!!! Awesome job!

Love the pics Mer! It's good to hear from you. Hey, did your email address change? I sent you an email a while back and never heard from you. Would love to keep in touch with you(now that Amanda is kicking my ass)! HA!

Amanda Lovato said...

Hey there Mer!
Great pics and great post! A big congrats to the guys! I think 3:28is AWESOME and they should be so proud! I was in Boulder when we were having those 0-10 degree days. Those days were tough!
I miss you! Best to Dave!