Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm not dead!!!

I'm just "mellow." The thing is, I don't find my everyday life interesting...so, if I was going to blog about my everyday life i'd find myself analyzing why people in southern California think it's acceptable to tailgate in the slow lane when the other two fast lanes are wide open, or why they pass on the right going 80....at least pass on the left. Or, I would blog about my dogs..and how they get *way* too much attention since I am currently on the dole (ie, receiving unemployment). Or, I would blog about how awesome it is to go shopping on a Tuesday at 1:00 and get a killer spot at Fashion Valley which one can never do, since even when it isn't the holiday's, parking there makes my blood boil. I could also blog about how i've fallen off the frozen yogurt wagon. I know, I gasp as well....I just haven't been craving it....now I wonder how many pounds I would have lost during Ironman training if I HADN'T eaten that many hurricanes.....but, I seriously would have gone mental if I hadn't eaten the hurricanes....they were a big training reward =0

We had an awesome time in Montana...i'll post pictures soon, did a little skiing (TGPink if you're reading this, I TOTALLY agree, skiing on the East is "wet, cold, ice" skiing on the West is "powdery, still cold, but not as wet =0)......some sledding, eating and relaxing! This weekend we're actually headed to Phoenix....Dave is running the Rock N Roll marathon on Sunday, along with my brother in law....my sister will be there with my two nieces......should be a really fun weekend!

For those wondering, what DO I do all day? Well, it's come to this:

8:00 a.m.-I usually wake up.
I spend the next hour eating breakfast and surfing the internet for jobs (ok, well, most of that time is on Facebook). BUT, I DO look for jobs, I have two very possible ones "pending".
10:00-I usually run or swim.....doing well in those categories =0......biking, well, I got a flat tire about four weeks ago, I used "Pit Stop" and realized I actually needed a whole new tire, not just a tube...so I bought the tire.....and still haven't changed it. Nice. I'm super motivated right?

It's just "easy" to go to the pool, and "easy" to run..biking involves a bit more driving some place and a lot more equipment =0....but, it's funny because I love biking the most probably.
I've also been lifting a little bit of weights, I know, hell must have frozen over, I stepped into a gym.

Post workout---I usually have some sort of errand to run, you know really important things like buying dog food or renewing my passport (cause you never know when you might *have* to go overseas?? right, someone could like invite me to their lair in France and i'd just *have* to go)......I actually have some friends I meet for lunch from time to time...but, really, it's just a lot of free time. Complaining, not really..feeling like i'm getting "stupider" everyday...kind of. Don't get me wrong I *love* the sleeping in.....but, I feel like I should be doing SOMETHING!

Bottom line, I have a ton of free time....why am I not volunteering?? Hmm, good question, i'll think about it. I really should volunteer, seriously, I have nothing else to do while the unemployment check comes in and I wait for these two jobs to let me know either way....

The thing is, I volunteered all through graduate school, so I have done my fair share of working for free, so i'm a bit picky where I want to spend my time these days. I'm going to look into the Challenged Athletes Foundation.....it's an awesome organization and i've done some volunteering for them in the past, so maybe tomorrow i'll give them a call.

Seriously, I need to get off my butt....i'm married, no kids, with a master's degree, finding something for me to do should NOT be this difficult =0. I need to kick my own butt since Amanda is on coaching hiatus until further notice =0......hehe!

Well, that is IT from here.....more at some point when I feel like I have something else to say..this is a super boring post =0


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hey Mer - the life of a military spouse. I hear you. What got me? The 'super important' errand like pet food. I did that earlier today - NOT kidding. Ha! At least I'm training for upcoming races - so that makes me feel like I'm doing something. Hang in there! We SHOULD do lunch! Want to meet up in La Jolla on Thursday?

Mary said...

Love this entry...too funny. I wish that I could stop craving (and eating) fro yo--any tips?

Anonymous said...

Hey, good to hear from you! Don't feel too bad about all your free time. Enjoy it!!! It's great to sleep in, and run/bike/or swim whenever you feel like it!!! Hope you are doing well!

Shan said...

Hey Mer!

Definitely don't feel bad about having lots of free time. You spent the last year working your A$$ off, and I know that very soon everything will come together with a new job, and you'll *want* that free time again. I'm always happy to get together with you - a lunch run, just going out to lunch, doing some yoga, or taking a walk on the beach! Just let me know!!

I've fallen off the fro-yo bandwagon a little bit too. It's been too *cold* heh heh, for me to want any...BUT, I would definitely go to Paradise in the very near future! :)

Sending love and hugs your way!!

Amanda Lovato said...

Haha! Free time won't last forever! ENJOY IT!!!!
Good luck to Dave this weekend!
Luv you guys!

Jennifer Yake said...

Good luck to Dave and good luck in the job search. Try not to feel to guilty....and change the tire there are some happening mid week GWL rides. The faster climber is required to tell a good long story while climbing the wall.The post ride reward is Starbucks. I'll buy.

Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! Your post is NOT boring at all! It is GOOD and OK to have this downtime - don't feel the pressure to do much - you have been working/training so hard...just relax - look for a job and have fun! AND SHOP AT 1pm! :) hee hee

Eileen Swanson said...

MER!! Just have fun while you can....You'll be busy very soon, I know it ;-) Can't wait to see you in March!!

ADC said...

I want your life... Seriously enjoy it. I had 7 months like that living in south-east Asia and not working (because my husband was) and at the time I always used to complain about it. Now all I want is to go back.