Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's a........BOY and other musings....

So, um, yes, it's been almost a month since I blogged..YIKES! I have had some subtle reminders here and, why haven't I been blogging? You know, no real reason, I still stalk other people's blogs, leave messages and read blogs, so why don't I update mine? Hmm, well, I realized I didn't want to bore people to death with "baby talk" yet, at the same time that's what I have going on these days in addition to quite a bit of travel and WORK! YAYYYY! Ok, who cheers about work? ME. After sitting on my butt for months it feels great to be back in the world of "helping others."

Some pics from Kauai which was absolutely amazing.....just a perfect balance between being busy tourists and chilling. Next time I go though i'm eating sushi and gulping Mai Tai's..this time it was water and cooked shrimp =0.

If you look closely you can kind of see a "bump" I swear it truly depends on what i'm wearing these days, not really "pregnant" looking but if i'm wearing something fitted you can sort of say "hmm she's either eating a lot or maybe she's pregnant!" =0

On our rafting trip on the Wailua crowded =0. We were the ONLY ones on our "tour" so it was kind of a private tour!
Oh, look at that, Mer is "hiking"......contrary to popular belief that all athletic people love all aspects of the outdoors, I do.....not =0......I used to call hiking "walking without a purpose." This was different, it had a purpose, see below....

Not quite this purpose......Dave......and yes, it was *that* muddy for most of the hike, but hey, like i've said it was KAUAI so who's complaining....
Those Asics went promptly in the trash....thank goodness for worn running shoes right? =0

Here is where the hike ended, Wailua Falls, we have better pictures, but seriously how many pictures do we need on a blog? You get the idea...
I thought Dave was actually really brave..I stood in the water and he's like "oh, i'll get in," what you can't see is him nearly hyperventilating as he is "floating".......=0

I just couldn't believe how BIG the falls were!!
Dave studying for his next anesthesia rotation at the Sheraton beach =0


Our boat cruise...i'm the loser trying to do the "hang loose" sign.....

This picture makes me laugh....for those of you who don't know me that well, this picture above is a very "Mer' face.......somewhere between laughing and slightly annoyed =0

Our boat cruise up the Na'Pali coast

Can't keep noodles away from this guy!! We found an awesome Japanese noodle house.....YUM!!

SO! That is Kauai in a, what's going on in the world of "Baby Developement?" you read: It's a BOY!!! And I had a gut feeling it was a boy, but for no other reason than a lot of my friends have boys, so I was naturally thinking "BOY," but I really had no idea to think either way! The last time I wrote I was almost 15 weeks. I had a "quick" ultrasound at 17 weeks and they said 75% boy......75%?? Right. Well, that isn't quite good enough for me, so my "20 week" or BIG ultrasound was actually scheduled for this past Monday, so I was 18 weeks and 3 day (you getting all this?)

ANYWAY: verdict on Monday: 99.9% boy and all looks great! I called the doctor this morning for the results....after I talked to my friend Lauren (HI COMES!)-----she made a good point, the doctor would have called me very soon after if something had been "off" with the ultrasound. The doctor had previously said my placenta looked low, so I held off on a bit of running, and got the "go ahead" to continue today.

Sadly, I ran out of time to run today (hehe, ok, so I ran a mile with the dogs!).....but yes, I can still run.....although I must admit, it's a "run/walk" at this point, but I can still do the 4.6 mile loop I have and it's just slow.

For those of you who follow my blog you know running is my achilles heel to begin with--yeah, i'm still banging out 11:30 miles. However, I count every day that i'm out there exercising as a "YAY" for me.....and i've started swimming again.

F****......I lost my swim ability ....that quickly. I used to knock out 3-4,000 no problem. I swam 1,000 last week and nearly died. Yesterday, I lifted weights and then I swam 1200.....swimming was much easier, but I get winded! My goal is to get up to a mile (1600) again!

So....other nitty gritty: weight gain. So, yeah, um, that whole "your body knows what it needs" apparently mine has needed weight, but I can't figure out honestly where it thighs definitely have grown and my stomach.....but 15 pounds?? In almost 19 weeks. I read things where women are like "I gained 4 pounds in 20 weeks".....I skipped right over four and was in double digits before I could think about it! I'm TRULY not complaining, I actually think it's doctor wanted to know if I was really hungry......what's funny is that I AM hungry, but I eat when I'm hungry and I exercise, so I guess my body is doing what it needs! Don't get me wrong, I do indulge, but my body must need the extra weight! I'm guessing the whole quick weight gain may have been something to do with going immediately from Ironman into pregnancy. Just an interesting observation.....I guess I just thought I would be one of those "four pound" people, but everyone is different and so far, honestly, i'm still able to exercise comfortably and I think i'm doing ok! And as long as the baby is growing healthy I consider that awesome!

Just being honest here, I don't mean to sound all "analytical" with weight gain, but come IS part of the process and if it means the baby is growing then i'm glad!!

It has been really fun getting weekly updates to see how/what is going on with the baby...and realizing that we are having a SON is just really amazing!! It's so fun to think about him and what he'll be like! Oh yeah and wondering how the two bags of Baby Gap clothes I have sitting here will look like on him =0. In my defense it was ALL on crazy sales, like $5.00 onesies, I couldn't resist.

Dave is currently in San Antonio for a month...guess i'd be more jealous if he were like in Paris or something, but you know that military, the more boring the place, the better!

I just got back from my friend Jill's baby shower in Minneapolis and i'm headed to Denver tomorrow until Tuesday to visit with my family.....YAYY! It's been way too long and I miss them!!! So, stay tuned and I promise to get some pictures up when I get back!!!

Thanks for reading, sorry so boring, as things get busier here, I think i'll have more fun things to write about, right now it's all "Plus One development", some travel and getting ready to move. Yes, move..just up north a bit and the funny thing is, we move May 1st....Dave comes home April 30th....I wonder who is going to pack?? Hmmmmm.....


JMoTriBella said...

Yeah! I'm so excited for you guys to have a little boy! Love the updates...keep them coming! I also can't wait until you move...we'll have to do fro yo! :)


ADC said...

You look lovely Mer, and definitely pregnant in that photo. Wow, a boy. I am glad you are still running and exercising and hurray for work (OK maybe yours, not mine).

Trigirlpink said...

Yay! Good stuff! Luv the pix. Glad everything is going well AND still exerjazzing! Ah heck..swimmming is overrated! What do you expect with a lead sinker in your belly? :-)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I had SUCH a blast yesterday! Who cares about the weight AND swimming?!? It WILL come off after the "plus one" decided to come out ;) BEAUTIFUL photos of your time in Hawaii..fantastic. Love the falls picture - just stunning! :) You were positively glowing yesterday!

beth said...

NOT the updates! Kauai looks AWESOME. those waterfalls are incredible and you and dave look soooo. happy .congrats on everything!

Shan said...

Mer, I had so much fun chatting with you and Marit yesterday - goes to show that when you separate the three of us for awhile, we can chat nonstop for 3 hours like nothing happened! :)

LOVE the pics, and I will remind you for the thousandth time that your blog is NOT NOT NOT boring! Keep the posts coming!! Now, I should get along to posting to my blog...ha!


And I believe you have at least two helpers the weekend before you move ;)

Gould said...

congrats mer!!! so excited for you and dave. i've also been slacking in the blog world - too much writing to do already!

it was fun seeing you last time and we should definitely do a dinner again soon. keep that boy healthy and strong! :-D

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said... happy for you.Glad you and the baby are healthy.You look fabulous. So glad to read your post. I love it.

Mama Simmons said...

You look great! :) Be sure to take lots of pictures of your belly as you progress. I kinda hated doing that while I was pregnant, but now it's really fun to look back and see them. ;)

Mary said...

Awe, I am so happy for you. It was so fun to read this. You have so much to look forward to. Keep the blogging up. I love reading!

Mel said...

You are so CUTE preggers...Um don't worry about the weight...I have 4 kids and gained 58lbs with EACH one of them...the baby will do what it needs to do with your body:) It OWNS you right now.. ha!! congrats and enjoy the process!!

Anonymous said...

wow... you are having a boy! that is such amazing news!!!! and i love the photos. a big photo update will come soon from our side as well :-)hawaii rocks! love and hugs, nicole

Amber Dawn said...

I just found your blog and am SO happy to find an ironman althete who is preggers and blogging!!!!
My hubby and I are 'family planning' right now and it is great to read about your experience! So don't think it is boring, keep it up!!
Amber Dawn