Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting settled!!

We've had a few busy weeks here! We're all moved in and thanks to some persistence, completely unpacked and house is all set! My mom was here for five days and let's just say she has a license plate that says "Scurry"...she isn't one for sitting still so we were all over the place. My only thing was I did not want to buy anymore "things" for the house, we had to work with what we already had.....we did end up buying a random curtain for the guest bedroom, but other than that, everything else was just rearranged.

Unfortunately i'm one of those people who doesn't buy a lot of knicknacks, so I tend to put the same stuff up in all the houses we've lived in.....but, this time we rearranged photos, and Dave and I actually did just purchase a new couch/chair/coffee table, (hence the reason for NO more buying of anything else =0), things feel "fresher!".......we love our new place. Cue Brady Bunch music when you drive through our neighborhood, like all the golden retrievers, kids in strollers, "slow down" signs...yep, we officially live in suburbia and I don't even have to close my shades all the way in the front of the house in fear that someone will pull a Jack Bauer on me and land inside my house! It's great. I really like it. There, I said it, I like suburbia.

What I like even more is the frozen yogurt, pizza and mexican places that are within walking distance to our house! Awesome!

On baby news----the crib bedding arrived! My mom bought it for us as an early shower gift---of course it arrived the day she left...too funny! I'm more of a modern fan...but we managed to find somewhat of an animal/safari bedding that has some modern circles/colors in it, so it isn't really "cutesy" and all baby-like....i'm super excited about it! In other thoughts we are deep in the "name game," trying to avoid super popular names, but I also don't want a "Kristofer" or a "Jaysin" we'll see. The list is rather short for boys, for some reason I just don't like that many names out there!!

Plus One is very fortunate that while I don't buy nicknacks for the house..I do however manage to find very cool onesies and outfits at Baby Gap and Old Navy for about $5.00 on sale.....I think i've actually memorized most of the Carter's for boys line for summer and "Little Me"'s ridiculous how picky I am about outfits, probably outfits he'll wear for an HOUR before I have to change it! I find myself cringing at baseball themed outfits (and I LOVE sports) and things that say "thank heaven for little boys." Yikes. Different strokes for different folks right?? And regardless, all little babies look cute in whatever they have on, so I guess it really shouldn't matter what they're wearing! I've found it hard to find "clothes" for infants.....onesies/pants, yes...but clothes are hard!! Then again, aren't they usually swaddled and in in t-shirts most of the time anyway since you have to change them so much??

So! I'm feeling good, I think I covered most baby related things, still waiting on the crib/dresser we'll probably be here in June which is ridiculously early enough as it is, so i'm not even thinking about that...the only reason I want it here is that I love just walking in that room and knowing that in just a few short months we'll have a little actual person in those little clothes and sleeping in that little crib! It's just really a fun/wonderful time to picture all of these little moments to come!

I notice I don't have quite the same energy level, today I walked four miles and what's funny is that I can "do it" the endurace is there...but my feet, oh man, the bottoms of my feet feel as though they almost get blisters...then I came to a shocking realization...i'm still wearing the same sneakers I had for Ironman training. Has it really been six months since Ironman.. WOW. And, should I waste money on sneakers at this point??

My "exercise" has literally been moving boxes, unpacking, running around with my mom, little time for today marked my day back with "exercise".....I may try swimming tomorrow, although I miss the hospital pool.....Miramar pool only has open lap swim from 11:00-1:00...good thing my work load is rather light these days (grrr..but I won't complain about that right now....a little unrealistic to do that!).....

That is it from here! Thanks for reading!


ADC said...

I am glad to read that all is going well and according to plan. Life in suburbia, ah! That is how I felt when we moved to West Point - like a set of Desperate housewives :)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I LOVE your posts, Mer! I can totally hear your voice coming through - and it makes me smile. Plus One is SO lucky that you and Dave are his parents. I know you guys are super excited... June is JUST around the corner! And then July...August...September ;) Totally get new shoes - your body is worth it..and your knees/hips/joints will THANK you!! I'm happy that you guys are moved in and settled and I TOTALLY AGREE on the 'no more things' aspect of it. Moving is the pits for that - you suddenly go to Target to pick up a soap dispenser and $200 later...

I miss you! Let's get together soon!!!

Shan said...

Hehehe TOTALLY Marit! I can imagine you saying all these things, Mer, and it's making me realize even MORE how much I am going to MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now that the house is in order, Marit and I must come over! :) I really want to have a get together before I leave on 5/31. Would next week be a good time???

Can't wait to see Plus One's new crib/clothing! YEAH! Go Baby Mama!!! :)

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Thanks for keeping us posted...we should have a shower/get together soon. What works? What doesn't?

Jennifer Harrison said...

Hey MER, oh the baby posts take me back and I love reading the updates!! It is nuts getting ready for a baby, isn't it?? I thought the same thing: I can not believe 2 babies will be living in here in just a few months! AHHHH! :))) ENJOY

PS take care of your feet - ouch!

Terra said...

Hey girl- just wanted to leave you a note. Sounds like you are getting settled and the nursery is ready to go (minus the changing table). Hope you are well!

Lauren said...

I agree! I like boys in clothes...Jack was never a "PJ wearer" during the day. He always wore clothes...fortunately he was a July baby and it was easy in the summer. The really cute boy stuff begins around 3-6 months :) and it keeps getting better! It makes me sad that some of his most adorable outfits he wore twice, maybe three time. When I look at those clothes now, I can not believe he ever fit in it. Take some pics of the new house! I'm so excited for you guys!