Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I promise to be better!!

Here I am! A month later.....still haven't blogged. I had lunch with Marit and I was telling her funny baby belly, competitive walking, stuffy stroller stories and she's like "YOU HAVE to blog about that, I swear it's hilarious".....and I admit, this time in my life has led to some that even a word? I sit, nearly 29 weeks pregnant and it's fun, I have to admit, I don't mind the big belly, I don't mind wearing clothes that kind of don't match because i'm too cheap to buy *another* tank top since the previous sizes now no longer fit over my stomach, I don't mind that I get up every 2 hours when i'm sleeping to pee, I don't mind that I haven't ridden a bike since Obama took office, I don't care that I still get that determined competitive face when i'm just "walking".........because really, when I sit for a second and little Plus One starts moving--just to remind me that it isn't beer weight that is making the scale tip this time, it's hopefully a very cute snuggly little guy who hopefully will be as prompt as his mom when it comes to delivery =0.

Ok, so it is it ALL roses?? NO, of course not, nothing in life is, but like everything else in life, i've learned, women who complain excessively in pregnancy....*usually* complain excessively about life in general.

Case in point: my friend Jill just had a beautiful baby boy.....he arrived at 9lbs, 10 oz and 23, yes TWENTY THREE inches Jill is one of the funniest people I know (Lauren, you're a close second =0) and during her pregnancy she got asked repeatedly if she was having twins because she was measuring like at 46 weeks when she was only 35 weeks or something ridiculous like that......and she was checked twice a week for months due to excess forward to her delivery..they shut OFF her epidural before she actually started pushing, she pushed for over 2 1/2 hours and did NOT have a c-section.....and when I finally talked to her, she was cracking jokes and she said the nurses kept saying "wow, I think you're being sarcastic and funny." So, my point here is, people who take things in stride or are able to "weather" difficult/hard moments, typically I think handle pregnancy better.

I get tired of people raining on my parade, reminding me of how little sleep i'll get, how my body will never be the same, my time won't be my own and my personal favorite is: you'll rarely travel. My response to that is: usually along the lines of "everyone is different and you know what i'm OK with adjustments because in the end like I said i'll have a little guy running around."

I guess you know you're ready for parenthood when you get defensive about your choice of wanting to have kids. I never ever give people a hard time for NOT having kids, whatever their reasons are....I actually encourage it, if you don't want kids, then don't have really affects me ........oh wait, it doesn't affect me at all! But, when I tell you we're excited to have kids, please don't start listing all the awful things that we have to look forward to, because really, all you're repeating is the negative stuff that unhappy parents or parents who had kids too early/too late, whatever are saying to you. Just have a little faith in Dave and I that we were so excited to make this decision and we couldn't be more excited!! I said pregnancy isn't all roses, but really it's such a short amount of time..and yes, i'm guilty of missing ice baths and long runs..there I said it, but it'll all come back in good time....I just want to savor the "time" that i'm in right now!

I started running again at 25 weeks and then I realized last week at 27-28 weeks it was a bit much, just harder to breathe and physically I just cannot do it anymore. So, now it's back to competitive walking and ellipticizing....and I dragged myself back to the gym to get working on my arms again. I have nixed swimming since like February......I don't know why, but I realize now I need to get back into it! Actually i'm rather enjoying these "40/60" minute workouts as opposed to being gone on my bike for hours, i'm ok with it!

I've learned a lot about decision-making as parents.....what crib/stroller/glider(rocker)/car seat should we get??

SHIT who knew there were SO many options. GEEZ! We got our stroller/car seat earlier this week and I have a confession, I can no longer make fun of people with ridiculous strollers....we got the Bugaboo Cameleon..and before I get flamed for this purchase, let me just say that I know everyone out there has a Graco Travel System, but....when I looked at them, they were too heavy for me, not very ergonomic and honestly they look like they're going to fall apart with all the plastic on the stroller..... my sister's barely lasted her through her first baby and then the wheels fell off. What I liked about the Bugaboo is that it comes apart, it's pretty lightweight and it's simply a frame so there isn't much damage to be done. Plus their customer service is supposed to be excellent so if we do have a problem, we can send parts back, I used to make fun of people for this I own one. I've become "one of them," I guess as long as I don't start walking around the lake in wedge heels I can still fend off some of that "image." What's even funnier about this story is I tried to show Dave other strollers.....but he loved the simplicity and the easiness of the Bugaboo, and he was sold. Talk about marketing =0. But, we literally went back and forth to the baby store like five or six times, JUST to analyze the stroller. Ridiculous. I know. However, we're thinking about having possibly three kids, and i'd rather not purchase more than one "full sized" stroller. Er, ok, other than the Bob Ironman stroller which we registered for =0......anyway, last night, Dave assembled it, since I rendered myself useless in all mechanical reasoning ---since I put several things on backwards. So, we assembled it, pushed it through the house and then we thought "it does kind of look "showy"....sigh. Oh well, hopefully it'll last the way we want it to and we'll get our money's worth!

I'll save another post for baby furniture and the glider...oh man, who knew a rocking chair was such a big deal? I sat in cheap ones, expensive ones and finally found one at the same baby store--I swear Dave and I alone are funding some kids college education at that baby store.

SO: all major things have been purchased and ready to roll. Now we just need him to get here =0. Ok, so I can wait a little bit longer!

We have our first baby class tomorrow much do we possibly need to know??? I'll report back. I promise!

Oh, and pictures to come, our shower is next weekend so i'll post pictures then!


Anonymous said...

hi Mer! I totally agree with your positive attitude... it is part of you and it is the perfect way to be! Your little angle to come is a blessing and a miracle and I am sure it will be the most wonderful thing that will ever happen to you!! Keep us posted.. and I cant wait for more picts.
Big hugs and love, Nicole from the Schweiz!

Shan said...

YES, keep being positive girl! I can't imagine people being so negative about a pregnancy (well, I guess I can, but people need to keep their thoughts to themselves)!!!! If I know anything, I know that you and Dave are going to ROCK at parenting, and I am sure every decision you make will be well thought out and in the best interest of Plus One :).

If you ever need a babysitter, just give me a little notice and I'll fly down so that you and Dave can have a wonderful night on the town...

Miss you SO much! Keep on rockin' mama!!! :) xoxo

Jennifer Harrison said...

yay! I love the baby/pregnancy talk! There are ALWAYS the nay-sayers, but you can do whatever you want to do after you have your baby - you just have to plan more, that is all. :) KEEP enjoying your pregnancy! And, yep, I measured nearly 50 weeks when I delivered the twins @ 36w. EEKS. And I have all the marks to prove it. HAHA - I joke about it but it doesn't bother me. My kids are healthy. ENJOY YOUR SHOWER!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Good job keeping positive with all those "smug polluters." What do they know anyway? I'm putting my money on you, Dave, and Plus 1.

Angie said...

Well said!!!! I know how you feel about the negative comments. Only i get it from the other end. I get people telling me "you're getting older, you better have kids soon, or your body will not recover" UGH! Duane and i will have kids if, and when the time is right for us!

Keep it up girl! You are gonna be an awesome Mommy!!!!

Lauren said...

Hey! I need Mer-blogs! I need Mer-blogs!

Love you!

Trigirlpink said...

You Promised and I keep clickin' over here to Mer land with a big FAT Zero! I think everyone has drifted to FaceBook!! Hope all is well...

Anonymous said...

Hey Meredith,
Not sure if you remember me or not, I posted a while ago on your IM race report about the Tribe/First Wave Aid Station giving you the deaf clap! I hope all is well with you and your family! I am racing IM AZ this November and LOVE your tri shorts and top in your pic on your blog. Where did you have them made? If you could let me know that would be GREAT! Thanks so much!
Kara Mumford

Hua said...

I love your positive attitude! I will come back to check up your blog!