Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look who's bloggin! =0

Yeah, so I am WAY behind here!! Shocker....I keep saying to Marit I don't know why i'm not blogging, I guess i'm just not that inspired? I think I found my training to be way more exciting than writing about whether Koala Baby travel yard sheets will fit our pack n play, or does Plus One really need anymore onesies??

So, let's do a recap since the last blog post! We had our BBQ/Baby Shower here at the very end of June, it was super awesome, all family members in attendance, friends and just a general good time--no games was perfect! July somehow zipped by, I did a considerable amount of work, and then we capped off July with a family reunion on my side at Lake Tahoe...AWESOME! My doctor suggested I fly instead of problem there....and of course my flying didn't go unnoticed by a rather rude flight attendant who was male and wanted to know if I was ready to "pop" (and said this with a rather disgusted look on his face as though I was already feeding my kid McDonalds).....and I said "no, i'm not, I have a few more weeks, but thanks for your congrats" =0. I mean, ask me for my doctor's note or ask how far along I am, but to be rude? Not necessary!

Tahoe rocked---I spent much of my time deciding between Oreo's and Dorito's and deciding which of two tank tops I would wear that day, since yes, that's right folks, we're at that time when things are jusssst not quite fitting over the belly anymore. In fact, I went to Target today and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought "when did I become that person who left the house without makeup, shirt that doesn't fit and hair that is dying to be washed?" hmmm! Mental note to work on that! =0

So, yes, Tahoe was much needed for Dave and I --and any time you get a group of 26 people that actually enjoy each other enough to share ONE house for an entire's pretty amazing. Then again the house was like 6,000 square feet and on the market for 5.5 million and right on the lake, so we weren't exactly "camping." Although there were "bear" signs and "do not steal/use/touch/look at the neighbors' water toys" signs all over, that we were so scared when my dad pulled out his back water skiing that we were afraid to use the neighbors dock to get him back safely. Ridiculous.

Kind of all over the place here! Ahh, so HOW is Plus One? Well, the little guy is doing great, i'm feeling pretty good, turns out the altitude is not kind to ankles, but since our return my ankles and feet are no longer swollen. However....the little guy is transverse. Yes, I was given the option for a "version" to turn him, however the research I did left me with an underwhelmed feeling about it, with such a low success rate (I KNOW some people have had success) but unfortunately from my research this is NOT the norm. Most people I talked to ended up in an emergency c-section. So, for now we have a c-section scheduled for 9/1/09 and if he turns before then (they'll do an ultrasound that very day) then they'll cancel the c-section and let me go naturally (er, um, ok, vaginally with the distinct possibility of an epidural, who am I kidding?).

It took me some time to get to the point where I was "ok" with this, I had to go through the whole "wahhh, no movie scene where my water breaks/I hit Dave, he falls out of bed and we rush to the hospital"....but, really, if he isn't turning, there may be a reason and i'd rather not push it. I'm great with endurance pain....acute physical pain, not so much.

I have tried various things to get him to flip: frozen food on my stomach, playing music down low, laying on an ironing board upside down with music playing low and a light shining on my stomach to get him to move "towards the light" (seriously)...and I did flips in the water at Lake no avail.

Anyway, it's a personal decision and I just feel better about it! One of the pediatric anesthesiologists that works with Dave, she's had four kids all vaginally, and she's a big runner and she said "I think he's doing her a favor, if he doesn't come out via the birth canal then that whole area pretty much stays in tact, sure she'll have the c-section healing but she won't have to worry about the possibility of pee'ing herself when she runs in the future." and THAT folks, is definitely the "bright" side of things. So, thank you Dr. Bachstahler for perking me up a bit =0 hehe.

Lots of other random funny things, like Marit burst out laughing when I showed her how loose my shoes were tied, it looks like they're just bubbles on my feet, I can't bend low enough to tie them tight....speaking of running shoes.

How is Mer's exercise? Non existent folks...yes, I know, how awful. Did you ever think I would write that? In fact I laughed in the doctor's face when she said that they encourage at least 20 minutes of walking everyday...I asked if that could be within Old Navy, GAP or Target....she sort of looked amused. Because he is sitting so high it's hard for me to breathe, so i'm not thrilled with doing anything really at this point. So, I DO walk when it's A: not hot, B: when I feel like it and C: when I remember...hehe, yes, ANY excuse to get out of exercising. There, I said it.

However, I am SO excited to get out for walks once the little guy arrives.....i'm just sort of savoring my "taper" right now.

Ok, so it may sound crazy to compare pregnancy to ironman training, but, it's really sort of similar if you think about it. For example, when I used to picture my ironman finish before I actually did it, I would tear up....and today I pictured our son arriving and I teared up. The same right? Hehe, (JUST kidding).

But, physically, I do feel like i'm in a "taper" right now---taking care of myself, making sure my "transition" bags are packed for the hospital, the car seat base is installed (much like bike maintenance only WAY more confusing), I have "nutrition" (er, that would be baby wipes/diapers).....and his "podium finish" outfit for him coming home! See! Just like Ironman! Hehe.

I really can't wait, i'm so excited, I don't even care if I sleep and I know I won't...really, I really could care less...I just want the little guy to arrive NOW. We can't wait to meet him and hold him and see his little personality!!

Stay tuned!
PS: yes, i'm racing in the later half of 2009. The Jingle Bell 5K to be's in December. Then, next up: Carlsbad 1/2 Marathon. Amanda thinks i'm nuts, she wants me to be patient and see how things go with the baby.....unfortunately i've already decided i'm doing these things =0


JMoTriBella said...

Sept. 1 - EEK!!! I can't believe how soon that is (even if you deliver "naturally" after that date). So so so so so exciting!!!! We still need to do fro yo soon! Are you around evenings this week?

Jacqi said...

Sounds very exciting! I'm at 26 weeks and am already hating tying my shoes before working out, let alone put pants/shorts on - the difficulty to bend over is something I don't think I'll ever get used to! I'm also trying to decide what my first race will be, though in early 2010. Have you thought about your first Ironman post-baby? I'm still thinking about it...but it may be 2011.

Trigirlpink said...

So nice to read a Mer inspired fun filled update! Wow! Didn't you JUST get preggers and NOW we are talking about birth canals? Summer REALLY flew by. Keep up the posts! I am reeeading!!!
Faithful TGP

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Well - you know what I think. You're by far, the cutest pregnant lady EVER! :) Plus One has one hot momma! Okay - yes, the shoes not being laced was funny. So one day when I'm preggers you can totally make fun of me. Nope - scratch that. Flip flop and velcro will be my friend.

I'm happy that you mentioned playing music, cold compress, and "shining the light" for Plus One to head towards - hilarious! But I think you're making the right call. It is what it is - benefits to both C-section and vaginal (can't believe I just wrote that word, honestly, my mind is like that of a fourth-grader, I swear) - so GOOD! Bottom line: its totally your call, your body, your Plus One!!!

As for the Jingle Bells 5k and other races. GREAT!!! I will so be there with you! :) Plus One will be cheering!!!! :)

You looked GREAT today - just beautiful. Thanks for making me laugh at lunch and then showing me Plus One's room and all the adorable onsies and things.... Can't wait!!!!

ADC said...

I was really looking forward to your news. Oh Gosh that is so soon. I can't wait, can't wait. You must post lots of pictures.

Jennifer Harrison said...

YAY! Happy to see your update! But, I have to laugh....I still pee ALL THE TIME. Matter of fact, I peed just yesterday on the track. I am like, "oh no!" but what can you do....I had twins! WTH! Glad you are so excited!

Mama Simmons said...

I remember crawling down the stairs trying to get Moana to flip over on her own... seriously. We get desperate, don't we? None of that works, anyway, I don't think. I'm glad you've made a decision you're comfortable with though!! And another nice thing about knowing your delivery date is that you can PLAN so much better! Less stress, I think, rather than the "Is today the day???" BS you go through when you're just waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting...
Can't wait to see pictures of your little guy!