Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back in Action

I know...I keep promising to blog and then I never do. I guess my problem is, I like writing long blogs, but I realize now that I can probably write just a few paragraphs a day and i'd be satisfied! My time is certainly more limited with a little Soren around, and now that he's getting older and realizing that "Hey, I have a mom and sometimes she sneaks out of the room to get a glass of water while i'm under my playmat" (enter a cranky noise). =0. SO! What I think i'll do is blog at night when Dave is home, that way I get some time to myself and I can update my thoughts!

Several developments here....firstly, I joined a YMCA so now Soren has a place to go when I workout and it gives me a chance to really get in a good workout. I can't leave the Y to go running or anything, but as I discovered today, I can kick my own ass on the treadmill with a treadmill workout. I'll be paying for it tomorrow, but it's funny how I "miss" being sore. Soren did great at his first Y childcare hangout. I walked in and there he was just hanging out in an exersaucer. I didn't even realize he was big enough for that yet---we have one, I just wasn't sure if he'd be able to hold up his head..but he is!

Another development--I have a more solid "race" season, i've decided to add some triathlons as well as running. I'm kind of like that song "and the cat came back, he just couldn't stay awayyyyy." Am I the only one that remembers that song from elementary school? Anyway---so in addition to running, i'll be returning to the tri community! And with that, I am super excited to share that i'm going to be a part of a team for the very first time in my "triathlon career" =0. I got the word on Friday that i'll be a part of Team Trakkers!! I am SO excited about this opportunity mostly because i've never been a part of a true tri team before and I think it will be a really fun experience. In talking with Trakkers---they already seem super supportive--especially of my "new mom" status and seem flexible enough with races which is great because as much as I am returning to the sport, I need to be realistic in how much racing I can do--there are several sponsors that support Team Trakkers---which you'll hear me talk about from time to time in my blog. Some of the sponsors i'm familiar with, others i'm getting to know, but am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more! I just think it's an awesome opportunity as an amateur to have the support of companies behind you--and the more I can help out with supporting them--they can support me in return. Kind of a "win win" if you ask me!

I do need to give a huge "thank you" to Michael Lovato for supporting me in my Team Trakkers endeavor---he was a super huge help-probably more than I know-- and I promise to race hard or stay home =0 hehe., what's up for 2010?? Here goes:
*Carlsbad Half Marathon
*St. Patty's 10K
*Superseal Triathlon (olympic)
*San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon (hoping to qualify for Boston..we'll see)
*San Diego International Triathlon
*Vineman 70.3
*Possibly one of the Rev3Tri Series races

The Rev3Tri Series races are group of races ranging from the olympic distance-full Ironman distance and the whole idea behind the races is more "family friendly".  So, you know you go to a typical triathlon and it's sort of all about the "athletes" racing.  Rev3 is "revolutionizing" so to speak, the way triathlons are "done."  Here is an excerpt from the Rev3 race site to give you an idea: the Revolution3 race series was created to change the way athletes, family members, and spectators view and participate in triathlons of all distances. One of our immediate goals is to make triathlons a more interactive, enjoyable experience for spectators by providing fun activities for children and family members during the race. Revolution 3 is about change! Change for the age grouper, change for the professional athlete, and change for the spectators.

Sounds like an awesome plan to me---maybe my family and friends will actually get some food at races now =0 hehe.

My only issue is the timing--i'll have to figure out which of the shorter races would work out with my schedule.....stay tuned.  Regardless, the Rev3 series looks terrific and one of my worries as a new mom is that bringing my child to a race may not be the most fun for them----and the more "family friendly" a race is--the more spectators and parents that may be drawn to the sport of triathlon!

I will also do some of the Fiesta Island Time Trial series which I love and some Tri Club San Diego races.....and Aquathlons. I'm really really excited to return to racing....this year will be a different approach, obviously with our little monkeyman--it'll take some creative training and i'm ok with that-I just love racing and with team support now, I think it'll be even more motivating to train hard!

Also, there is a possibility we may be moving to Boston, MA for a year--Dave got accepted into a pediatric anesthesiology fellowship for one year at Boston Children's hospital, so we are currently waiting to see if the Navy will approve it...decision to arrive in two weeks. I'm "ok" with it now, after a few tears and stomped feet...i'm over it. Yeah, I know, Boston is "the greatest thing since sliced bread" according to people who live in the East coast. Remember folks, I grew up in Virginia, I've spent time in Boston. It isn't the "city" that i'm anxious's the general "living somewhere for a year, who will want to be friends with me for a year" feeling. I anticipate a new love for my bike trainer and treadmill during that time.

Then again, I guess I could also sign up for Rhode Island 70.3 and possibly Timberman =0.....ahhh, East coast racing! Possibilities are endless. Though I may skip out on Syracuse 70.3...seriously? My friend rowed in that lake and it's supposed to be, I think i'll pass on that!

Random ramblings here....I am off to bed soon---just wanted to share fun new stuff, mostly about Trakkers and getting started with training again. "Real" training will commence on 2/1/10 with Amanda stay tuned for my usual "whine now, thankful later" postings =0.


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Welcome back, Mer! I am SO EXCITED for you - you already know that...but Team Trakkers is AWESOME! I know that you'll do GREAT! Can't say enough great things about Soren and Dave - they are awesome. And... I am SO HAPPY about your race season. We'll have to train together - but you already know that as well. :)

2010 will be a GREAT year - YEA!!!

Meredith said...

Two Merediths on Team Trakkers? They're in for double trouble. :)

Trigirlpink said...

I'm still outta breath there is actually a new posting here!!!!

Ok.. I'm back..

Welcome to the family, Team Trakkers that is!

BOSTON?? You'll have fun here but HATE the weather. :-)

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Yeah! Congrats Mer. See you out there and tear it up.

jessithompson said...

Great post. I am new to Team Trakkers this year and excited for the new adventure. Like you, I've been really impressed with the support of the team. Looking forward to a great 2010 season!

TriGirl Kate O said...

I am looking forward to meeting you at Vineman! Didn't know you were a native Virginian...from where?

Congrats on the Team Trakkers!

Mara Rae Rutherford said...

Hey you! Just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm keeping myself updated :) I'm so proud of you for getting back into training so quickly! I plan on using the weather as an excuse for as long as possible ;D Love ya!

Kim said...

timberman! timberman! do it! move here!!!!